Live Streaming

What makes our Live Webcasting Solutions - UNIQUE?

Reach your audiences globally and securely

Organizations and companies face tough times in communicating and collaborating with their audiences across the globe. IVB7 empowers its customers to deliver the media content to their target global audience in an efficient and secure way (using https).

Live Chat with audience

IVB7 webcasting services are interactive in nature. We provide an exclusive chat feature near the Live video of the presenter/speaker. Using this, the audiences can interact with the presenter or the speaker to ask questions and clarify their doubts during seminars or technical webcasts.

Reach your mobile audiences

Using our latest IVB7 Webcasting technology, our customers can now reach their audience in their mobile phones. Mobile users can anytime view the seminars / technical meetings / family functions live in their mobiles. They can also access the recorded webcasts and view from anywhere, anytime.

Event Registration/ Feedback forms

IVB7 has now come up with options to collect the audience information. This allows our customers to use the event registration forms and collect the basic information of the participants. Using the feedback forms, you can also collect the feedback from the participants about the webcasts.

Social Webcasting

Now you can webcast LIVE in Facebook using our IVB7 Social Webcasting App. Technical seminars, cultural events, concerts, ceremonies, wedding reception, family gatherings, church fellowship and just any event can be shown LIVE in your Facebook page. Also, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Integration with your webcasts are made easy.

In-depth video Analytics

Using our In-depth video analytics, real time activity of your audiences can be gathered. This analytics also gives detailed demographic information of your viewers, time spent on the videos, bandwidth consumed by each viewer and so on.

Latest Cloud Technology

We have partnered with Global Content Delivery Network providers to give un-interrupted and non-buffering streaming of media content to our users. This ensures 24x7 usability for customers to conduct their events/meetings across the globe.

Multimedia presentations

IVB7 has brought forth presentation sharing module which can be used during webcasting. This allows the speaker/presenter to share their presentation and navigate through it during the LIVE. This is a handy feature for churches, multinational companies, educational institutions to conduct live seminars/symposiums/training sessions.