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About Us



With our select team of digital experts, we have empowered 1000+ individuals and businesses. We provide professional live streaming solutions engineered with insight into the modern streaming-enabled digital experiences.
We are the product-builders.
We make things simpler for you!

why you

Choose Us?

What makes us unique is our approach to your needs. We pick the perfect choices for you with our extensive knowledge of the tech industry.



Our customers love our products for its simplicity, elegance & robust technology.



Our research team invents at a rapid pace, continuously improving our solutions.



Our dedicated and passionate staff is dedicated to helping you along the journey.



Our product is a direct reflection of continuous improvement and excellent service.

Since 1998



IVB7 was founded by people who were pioneers in the video industry for over 30 years. Mr.Stanley Russel founded IVB7 after his rich experience in leading a popular video studio in Chennai and providing services to top industry leaders beginning from the early 80’s. Today, IVB7 has clients all over the world and a heavy investment on the latest infrastructure such as CDN’s, servers and software.

Our Values

Agility | Strength | Passion

How we do things

The solution in a box!

Who are we

We are a bunch of technical geeks who are constantly studying hard, researching and developing new technologies and products that can be used for video broadcast. We literally work day and night due to our passion.

We are a bunch of experienced electrical engineers who look through our glasses to design and build circuits.We are highly skilled programmers who can develop applications using multiple languages that work on multiple operating systems and hardware.

We are equipment manufacturers. We are the team who continuously design and work with product integration day and night to make new circuit boards that power our broadcast related products.

We are the creators. We constantly build and create based on new ideas. We love creativity.

To consistently stand out in the field of Video Broadcast. To innovate and invent new technologies for the sake of providing best business solutions to our clients.

On the road to achieving our vision, constant development is taking place everyday and every hour at the IVB7’s development lab, currently supported by GloriaTech. Young people are encouraged to learn and innovate in the field of video streaming and IT to invent new ways of communicating and reaching people, all for the sake of serving our clients and satisfying other businesses needs. The IVB7 business partners are constantly investing on technology to fultill the dream and vision of the company.

Our Priority

Customer Relationship

We believe in direct company to customer relationship

IVB7 products and services are rendered directly to clients by the company.We do not involve third party vendors or consultants within our sales pipeline.

How does this model benefit customers?

Customers have better transparency. As a customer, you have the benefit of buying it directly from the factory at lower costs compared to going through agents.