News from the heart of the LIVEBOX Team

NAB SHOW 2019 on April One of the most exciting things that happened in the month of April was the ability to catch up with our customers in the USA at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The main focus throughout the event was to make existing and new clients understand more about the […]

Experience LIVEBOX at the 2019 NAB Show, Las Vegas, USA.

Schedule an Appointment and Meet Us if You are Attending the NAB Show 2019 at Las Vegas this April. Mark the dates between April 8th to 11th on your calendar and meet us there. The LiveboxTM team will be there to demonstrate new hardware equipment, share the development roadmap and answer all your questions. This will provide a unique […]

2019 News About the Livebox App Store, Live Load Testing and More

Introducing the All-New Livebox App Store. Now, it is possible to browse server apps within LiveboxTM and install corporate business applications on demand.All these apps have been tested and configured for production use so that Livebox users don’t have to worry about the technical details when it comes to installing and using different complex server-based business applications. […]

Brand New Corporate Conferencing and Communication Tools Within Livebox

Video Conferencing Made Easy With Livebox Streaming Server! Schedule and conduct webinars and video conferences using the LiveboxTM live streaming server. Your business needs a brand to communicate with people involved like customers and employees. Livebox helps you communicate effectively without compromising on the status of your brand. Livebox now comes with the ability to do real-time live conferencing […]

Easily Add Real Virtual Viewers to Your Live Streaming Channel.

Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos! LiveboxTM incorporates Artificial Intelligence to boost and promote your live channel. Things that were totally unimaginable and impossible until now have been made possible with Livebox. Livebox now includes a tool called Viewer Generator that can intelligently enable adding virtual live viewers to any live channel. The viewer generator […]

Now, it just takes less than 30 seconds to automate any social media Channel.

Breathe life into your existing social media Channels.There is only one tool that can help you convert your existing YouTube content back to live and that is the LiveboxTM Playlist. Livebox Playlist is a new technology that lets you broadcast your existing social media videos as live on the fly. You don’t need to have files, storage […]

Introducing websites inside Livebox

Can a live video streaming server host business sites? No,Not until now People have wanted something more than live video streaming to promote and market their brands. LiveboxTM is the answer to our customer’s needs to quickly build brands online. Livebox enables you to not only start a 24×7 live streaming video channel but it also helps you promote and build […]

Experience the All-New Livebox Client Portal

Greetings Livebox Users! Get ready for two-fold profits. LiveboxTM live streaming server has been a money saving boon to its users nearly for decades. Now it has taken one more step in its milestone where Livebox not only helps in saving money but also in making money. Did you know? Unlike traditional live streaming services, you don’t need to have […]

Handle millions of concurrent viewers at ease with Livebox Autoscaler

Livebox Autoscaler – Scale live streaming servers for over 8800,000+ viewers LiveboxTM is already the most light weight and lowest cost live streaming solution with capabilities to scale out of the box. This coming month, we’re introducing a new infrastructure scaling tool called the Livebox Autoscaler for auto adding servers for a massive audience. It’s NOT a plain […]

Live video playout software to re-stream YouTube videos

LiveboxTM is the ONLY live streaming server that comes with in-built Playout software. There are two options for playout with Livebox Playout using the playlist and queues function within Livebox. This can be just used on-cloud within your dedicated Livebox without the need for any additional software. This can also import and re-stream both live and plain YouTube videos. The freely included professional playout software […]