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The future of Livebox and Live Streaming

Future proof Live Video Streaming with Livebox.

Livebox with more super powers in 2018

A studio doing live streaming using IVB7 encoding products and the Livebox server (representative image)

This year, there is a lot of new things in store for Livebox. Live video streaming will keep getting better than ever before with Livebox.

Oh and by the way,you can build your brand with Livebox. Did you know that you don’t need a seperate hosting service when you use Livebox? That’s right, you can run your business straight out of the box with Livebox. Just add your business website within it. Use Let’s encrypt free SSL certificates to secure your site.


Here’s what’s on the roadmap :

  1. Full support for UDP inputsThe future of Livebox and Live Streaming
  2. More video apps
  3. Faster Livebox setups and upgrades
  4. Instant record and replay
  5. Advanced Live encoder to be included with Livebox
  6. IPTV enhancements
  7. Ability to utilize Livebox to run your business with business empowerment tools preinstalled
  8. New WebRTC features
  9. More video related tools and surprises.
Godwin Josh
Technical Director
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