HD Webcaster with Cell phone Integration - IPTV and Web Video CDN Platform
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HD Webcaster with Cell phone Integration


1. High Quality Video delivered at extremely low Internet.
2. Works from 100KBps upload onwards.
3. Multi-Utility – It can Webcast, Webinar, Live Training, Live Relay on TV, Broadcast on Social Media, Websites, Mobiles &TV, Broadcast &Receive on TV with IVB7 Internet Set top box Any Where. Auto Scheduling to run WebTV, Mobile TV.

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1. Dual Live Streaming with HDMI and AV.
2. Mix Live Videos from HDMI or AV -with ruby plus plan
3. Mix Live with Stored Video, Slides &Text
4. Audio Amplified Speaker with Volume Control.
5. Professional Microphone Input with pre amp.
6. HDMI and AV Input.
7. Can Broadcast HD with normal Internet Speed – 100 to 500 Kbps upload.
8. Provides best quality, Automatically Adjusts HD quality according to the internet speed.
9. Carry it anywhere &just start broadcasting all over the world through internet Using Internet Data Card.
10. No need of any leased Line &Static IP Address.
11. The broadcaster and receiver comes also as a set to broadcast and receive high quality video automatically
12. Capture your live videos on site where no internet access and play &Live stream immediately at a nearest place with internet Access.
13. Any file can play to Live stream to the receiver
14. Shoot, Save, Edit, make effects &send the file to receiving station. With ruby plus plan
15. Make a high quality DVD with External DVD writer after edit (Optional).
16. Restore the video from CDN on storage when missed or deleted with recording on CDN. On ruby plus plan
17. Edit video, provide voice over titles, animation, &visual effects with 3rdparty software
18. 24×7 web TV , Mobile TV, IPTV
19. Live Webinar
20. Virtual Class Room
21. Archiving of Video Tapes &CDs on Web Media.
22. Used as a Local server connected with CDN on cloud.
23. Schedule Unlimited Video Files to have 24×7 web TV on your website with any scheduling software.
24. No need of external power supply works on USB.20.

Additional information

Dimensions 131 x 55 x 84 mm

PC or Laptop with windows OS &Internet Connection with ivb7 software &CDN Plan


1. Digitizes on PAL or NTSC on to PC or Laptop with windows OS from HDMI &AV
2. Composite Video with RCA Socket
3. Stereo Audio with RCA Socket
4. Professional Mike Input with built-in pre-amp.
5. Cell Phone Input
6. Cell Phone Mix control
7. Cell phone moderator output
8. Cell Phone webcast on off switch
9. Cell phone output for presenter
10. Built-in 3.5"TFT video display screen
11. Audio – Mini- Speaker with Volume control
12. Ear phones outputs to monitor audio with headphones.
13. USB2.0 to connect to PC or Laptop
14. Supports Live video &Audio Capture on PAL or NTSC system from Inputs composite Video
15. Operating supported for Live Streaming with ivb7 software : Windows7 or Windows8 OS


Used for Live Webcasting, Webinar 24×7 web TV, 24×7 mobile TV, Live Online Training, &Point to Point with ivb7’s HD Live receiver to receive live at multiple TV Channels and MSO's Also for any Video &audio capture for editing, conversion, digitizing video from tapes.


One Year from the Date of Purchase
Service Warranty Can be claimed at our Chennai Office at 95, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai. by sending the equipment through’ courier or bringing it in person

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery Period 3 to 10 Working Days within India
Courier Charges Extra Rs.450/ – within India
Materials Included in the Package
1. Ivb7 WC 9 Webcaster
2. USB2.0 Cable
3. Ivb7 Software CD,
4. Headphones for monitoring,
5. mike with headphone for moderator
6. mike with earphone for presenter
7. Extension cable for android phone,
8. Mini- Amplifier and Speakers for presenter for audio monitoring