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IVB7 Live Streaming Servers and Broadcast Equipments 3

Mini Live Pack with Encoder

Model : LP-M3

Directly connect your HD camera through HDMI, SDI or Analog modes. Live Stream in HD and multiple formats at high quality from your professional camera to your on-premise server or on-cloud Multi CDN.

Starting at 89,000

Live Streaming TV channel pack

Model : LP4

LP4 comes with HD-SDI inputs ,Analog Inputs and HD touch screen.It enables mixing multiple cameras, digital sources and video files. Also, it includes a full suite of tools to run your own 24 hour TV channel through the ultra low latency, feature rich and low cost Livebox professional Live Video Streaming server.

Starting at 1,60,000

IVB7 Live Streaming Servers and Broadcast Equipments 2
IVB7 Live Streaming Servers and Broadcast Equipments 1

Remote TV Stream Receiver

Model : RC2

100% Remotely Manageable Digital Receiver

Receive your digital live video streams at any remote location and control it, monitor it’s internet speed, restart it and do much more. It doesn’t matter if you need to transmit video and receive it within a room or across continents. The receiver is the perfect hardware device to receive your digital content. Very useful for satellite channels, cable TV channels to  receive live video remotely flawlessly.

Starting at 29,999

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