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Introducing HD-WAN

The Evolution Beyond SD-WAN

Elevate your business connectivity with the cutting-edge technology of SD-WAN integrated into INSTANET, a modernized, secure, and feature-rich version that revolutionizes how your multiple office locations connect and collaborate. Experience agile, secure, and high-performance networking solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, including HD-WAN capabilities.


We recognize the significance of interconnecting multiple office locations efficiently. Our SD-WAN solution integrated within INSTANET offers a myriad of advantages tailored to optimize your office network connectivity, combining SD-WAN and HD-WAN technology;

Efficient Connectivity

Seamlessly connect multiple offices across geographical locations through a unified network, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity with SD-WAN and HD-WAN technology.

Enhanced Security

Implement advanced security measures, including encryption protocols and secure tunneling, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality over the network with SD-WAN and HD-WAN features.

Optimized Performance

Leverage intelligent routing and traffic management to prioritize critical applications, minimizing latency and ensuring smoother operations, powered by SD-WAN and HD-WAN capabilities.

Agile Network Management

Enjoy centralized control and monitoring of your entire network, allowing for dynamic adjustments and configuration changes as per your evolving business needs using SD-WAN and HD-WAN integration.


Why HD-WAN is better that SD-WAN?

Connectivity Designed for high-performance datacenter connections Not for high performance and reliable connections
Security Emphasizes stronger security protocols and datacenter focus Offers basic security features
Always-On Capability Geared towards continuous, uninterrupted connectivity Not reliable for always-on-connectivity
Load Balancing Offers robust load balancing for internal servers No load balancing functionalities
Server Scalability Scales servers efficiently to manage incoming No feature No incoming server traffic related features
Internal Network Hosting Allows hosting internal servers in dispersed networks No support for handling geographically dispersed servers
External Access Enables secure external access to internal servers Limited external access
Performance Optimization Optimizes performance for mission-critical applications No Optimizations
Geographic Disparity Provides secure access to dispersed internal networks Connects remote branches but with less focus on stability and security

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Key Features of HD-WAN with SD-WAN Capabilities

Geographically Dispersed Office Connectivity

Seamlessly connect branch offices, remote locations, and headquarters into a single, unified network for streamlined operations powered by SD-WAN and HD-WAN technology.

Intelligent Traffic Routing

Prioritize network traffic based on application requirements, ensuring optimal performance for critical applications with SD-WAN and HD-WAN routing capabilities.

Enhanced Security Measures

Implement robust security protocols and encryption standards to safeguard data during transmission across the network, supported by SD-WAN and HD-WAN enhancements.

Centralized Network Management

Gain comprehensive control and visibility over your network infrastructure, enabling efficient management and troubleshooting using SD-WAN and HD-WAN integrated features.

Who Can Benefit from SD-WAN and HD-WAN?

Our SD-WAN and HD-WAN solutions integrated within INSTANET cater to diverse industries and enterprises seeking robust, scalable, and secure inter-office connectivity


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Empower your business with SD-WAN and HD-WAN, redefining how your multiple office locations collaborate and communicate seamlessly.