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Hospital Operations

INSTANET's Impact on Hospital Operations

Innovative Connectivity Solutions

Step into the future of healthcare connectivity with INSTANET, a revolutionary Internet Generator designed to redefine the way hospitals operate. Explore the myriad features that make INSTANET an invaluable asset in the healthcare sector, ensuring seamless connectivity, security, and efficiency.


Internet Connectivity for Critical Operations

INSTANET ensures that hospitals remain connected at all times, providing a stable network even in challenging environments. This capability is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted communication, accessing patient records, and facilitating critical medical operations.

Advanced Failover Mechanism

In critical medical situations, INSTANET's failover mechanism guarantees continuous connectivity by seamlessly switching between multiple internet connections.

Smart Load Balancing

INSTANET intelligently distributes network traffic, ensuring optimal performance during data-intensive medical procedures and consultations.

security and control

On-Premise Server Setup for

Enhanced Security and Control

INSTANET empowers hospitals to set up on-premise servers, offering a secure environment for hosting AI applications, managing electronic health records, and running essential services. This on-premise infrastructure ensures enhanced security, compliance, and control over sensitive healthcare data.

Data Sovereignty and Compliance

INSTANET's on-premise setup ensures that hospitals have complete control over patient data, meeting stringent data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

Local Access for Faster Operations

Researchers and medical professionals can experience low-latency access to locally hosted servers, significantly enhancing the speed and efficiency of their operations.

medical facilities


Medical Facilities with SDWAN

INSTANET's SDWAN capabilities create a seamlessly interconnected network between different medical facilities. This facilitates efficient data exchange, collaboration, and ensures a unified and secure network infrastructure.

Enhanced Security Protocols

SDWAN enhances security protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of patient data during inter-facility data transfers.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

The dynamic bandwidth allocation feature optimizes network resources, providing efficient connectivity between dispersed medical facilities during routine operations or emergencies.

Secure Work From Home

Access for Healthcare Professionals

INSTANET provides a secure Work From Home solution, allowing healthcare professionals to access in-house PCs remotely. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) ensures secure and controlled access to sensitive patient information through a browser interface.

Simplified Remote Workflow
The browser-based remote access simplifies the user experience for healthcare professionals, ensuring a seamless workflow and reducing the need for complex software installations.
RBAC allows hospitals to customize access levels, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access specific resources, enhancing the overall security of patient data.
ISP Agnostic

Static Public IP for Enhanced Security

INSTANET offers ISP agnostic static public IP addresses with NATing features, providing an additional layer of security. This feature is invaluable for hospitals looking to safeguard their network infrastructure and protect patient data from external threats.

Anonymity and Security

NATing features provide an additional layer of anonymity, enhancing the overall security of hospital networks.

Flexibility in IP Management

ISP agnostic static public IP addresses offer flexibility and security, providing hospitals with a reliable and secure network environment while managing IP addresses efficiently.


Analytics and Control

Proactive Issue Resolution

Real-time analytics dashboards provide hospitals with insights into network performance, aiding in proactive issue resolution and minimizing potential disruptions in critical medical procedures.

Resource Optimization

The ability to manage and control internal devices enhances the efficiency of hospital network operations, optimizing resources for seamless medical services.

INSTANET's advanced network analytics empower hospitals to monitor bandwidth usage, control IP distribution, and efficiently manage internal devices. This level of control ensures optimal network performance for medical operations.


Load balancer for Scalability

INSTANET's reverse load balancing feature ensures hospitals can handle spikes in incoming server traffic, providing scalability for medical applications and services.

Efficient Resource Distribution

The reverse load balancer facilitates the efficient distribution of incoming server traffic, ensuring a responsive and scalable network, particularly during peak hours or increased demand.

Scalability for Growing Demands

Scalability is crucial for accommodating the growing demands of medical applications and services, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness.

mini data centers


Mini Data Centers and Mobile Data Centers

INSTANET enables hospitals to set up mini data centers, reducing dependency on external cloud services. Additionally, the capability to create mobile data centers within moving vehicles ensures accessibility to critical medical data from any location.

Cost-Effective Autonomy

On-site mini data centers reduce costs associated with external cloud service subscriptions, promoting autonomy for hospitals and eliminating recurring expenses.

Enhanced Emergency Response

Mobile data centers within moving vehicles enhance emergency response capabilities, allowing for real-time access to critical medical information during transit or in remote locations.