What is Transcoding? Why is transcoding necessary?


What happens when the video you are watching is buffering?  If the user is unable to watch your high-quality content at its best, there is no point in streaming a video with high-resolution, isn’t it?  Then what is the solution?  Streaming in multiple bit rates will help avoid the condition of buffering irrespective of the […]

5 amazing facts about SRT streaming

The streaming world is beaming with the news about the invasion of SRT.  And to spice it up, this article would introduce you to a few amazing facts about SRT streaming and how it works! Before diving into the facts it is important to know about SRT.  What is SRT? How does it work? You […]

Livebox joins SRT Alliance


We are happy to announce that Livebox is now a part of the SRT Alliance!  SRT Alliance is an initiative by Haivision to overcome the challenges of low latency streaming and packet loss.  Know more about SRT streaming here. Why SRT? SRT (Secure Reliable Transfer) protocol, which is an open-source video streaming protocol, is highly […]

What does Livebox offer for you in 2021? – Revealed

Livebox gets upgraded!  Unveil the latest features that are incorporated in your Livebox toolkit, for the year 2021. And explore a million ways through which you can expand and enlarge your business collaborations.  Here is a glimpse of the latest updates from the labs of Livebox. Livebox now supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocols. Stream […]

All you need to know about your Private TV station

All you need to know about your Private TV station

Setting up your own channel can be time-consuming. But with LiveboxTM you can still do it within minutes. Livebox empowers you to run your own private TV station with the least efforts. Streaming has never been much easier. Streamline your programs and stream them with AUTOSTREAM. AUTOSTREAM lets you stream your programs automatically by prescheduling them. With a single click, you […]

Our Latest updates for the Education-based sectors

Our Latest updates for the Education-based sectors

Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended with diligence. – Abigail Adams The whole system of Learning is meeting a drastic change. Are you running an education-based organization? It’s high time that you improvise your Learning system with our upcoming Learning Management Module. A new system of […]

Post-pandemic survival kit inside Livebox

Post pandemic survival kit inside Livebox

Prioritize your goals Business without goals is like a car without steering. Goals need to be met and this is the perfect moment to push yourself to strive towards your goals. Categorize your short as well as long-term goals. Calculate the feasibility of achieving your short-term goals and never lose sight of your long-term goal. […]

Live Recordings ensure safe collaboration

It is crucial to record important conferences. While Video Conferences without the facility to record might be handy for personal use, live recordings perform a significant part when it comes to an important meeting. And also it is essential to record and store the videos while having an educational collaboration as this option will serve […]

Waiting Room with Entertainment features

Waiting to get on board a conference might be wearying until the Host approves. But LiveboxTM has introduced the new Waiting Room feature with the facility to make the wait informative and entertaining. Why do you need the Waiting Room feature? The Waiting Room feature in the Livebox Video Conferencing solution ensures that you include only the participants whom […]

Unifying Phoneline with Video Conferencing Software

This month LiveboxTM is introducing a brand-new feature that enables users to join a Video Conference without any Internet connection. This is done by a phone call. Livebox Video Conference is ready to be integrated with Phone line which will allow users without data or smart gadgets to join the Conference by just making a phone call. Data […]