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Live Stream Engineering

See the IVB7 Engineering team in action. We can now integrate our system internally or externally with your existing systems. The integration type is decided based on the type and connectivity options available in your existing system.

How do we operate?

  1. Our team visits your site and checks your existing medical equipments, inputs, outputs and features available within them.
  2. The team then looks at the possible IVB7 products that can be quickly fitted and used with your existing medical equipments.
  3. In some cases, the team does custom electronic component manufacturing to mould, engineer and fix our equipments with your existing system.
  4. Once the evaluation and design of the system is done, we bring all the components and integrate them with your equipments at your premises.

Doctors can now stream their patient monitoring systems live and view the status of patients right from their phones, laptops and portable tablet devices using the IVB7 engineering team’s custom on-premise engineering and design solutions.

See a prototype of an engineered system in action below :

Live Streaming in Hospitals 1

Here’s how our engineering process works :

No matter how your workflow is, our team would work with you on-premise to setup and get your live streaming workflow up and running for remote monitoring and control of your existing electronic equipments.Call us at +91-9789-9789-81 for consultation now.

Once the solution is engineered and integrated, you can seamlessly live stream your surgery, live patient monitor, XRay/Scanning equipment outputs and check the results on your portable devices. Call us at +91-9789-9789-81 to know more. Visit https://livebox.co.in to know more about Livebox server.

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