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This is just glimpse of the cutting edge Livebox Server

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LiveBox 20

Lovely and Beautiful User Interface to manage your LiveBox.

LiveBox 21

Live preview of all channels right on the dashboard

LiveBox 16

Total and per channel Live viewer count / statistics displayed within the Box

LiveBox 15

View system performance live through CPU usage & Memory Usage charts

LiveBox 17

View live inbound bandwidth and outbound bandwidth

LiveBox 19

View total load on the server through different means

LiveBox 7


  • Multi-CDN compatible. Ability to add any number of LiveBoxs  Highly Scalable
  • Chain multiple LiveBoxs as Origin, Edge boxes.
  • Add Multiple CDNs and setup encoders and receiver boxes based  on the Multi-CDN settings inside LiveBox.
  • Simultaneous Multiple IPTV / receivers, encoders and players  compatible


  • Receiver / IPTV live monitoring
  • Player monitoring
  • Live Speedtest of multiple LiveBoxs and Receivers
LiveBox 8
LiveBox 10

Streaming Features

  • Live stream video through RTMP
  • Password protected encoding
  • View through HTTP / RTMP / RTSP / HTML
  • Ability to add any number of channels inside the streaming box

Content Distribution and Delivery

  • Deliver content to multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and any other third party streaming server or  social platform
  • Add any number of content sources from IP Cameras, IPTV,  Web TV or RTSP/RTMP sources
  • Deliver in multiple formats and bitrates
LiveBox 11
LiveBox 12


  • Built-in embeddable chat hosted inside LiveBox
  • Chat with live user typing status
  • Separate chat rooms for each channel inside the box
  • Broadcasts Information about users entering and leaving the chat  channel.
  • Moderatable chat (coming soon)
  • Filter keywords (coming soon)


  • Built-in embeddable HTML / Flash player switching built-in to  the LiveBox
  • Multiple players compatible – JWPlayer, Clappr,VideoJs,  Strobe Media Playback and any other.
  • Auto switch players based on platforms from Flash to/from  HTML5
  • IOS / Android / PC / IPTV / Receivers supported out of the  box
  • Multi-bitrate support
LiveBox 13
LiveBox 14

Other options

  • Carry a tangible hardware box or use a ready to use hosted  CDN Box
  • Password protected admin panel