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Streaming Features

  • Live streaming with Interactivity.
  • Stream live in High Quality even through low bandwidth.
  • Ability to select existing presets Ability to create custom streaming presets
  • Automatic streaming to multiple platforms such as Android / IOS / Flash / HTML5 with no additional configuration
Live streaming software

YouTube Streaming

Stream to YouTube and third party streaming providers

Multi CDN Switching

Ability to switch between streaming servers instantly in one click to improve latency or troubleshoot issues during a live event Easily integrates with multiple LiveBoxs for Multi-CDN

Multi-Bitrate Streaming (MBR)

Broadcast video online in multiple formats like High Quality, Medium Quality, and Low Quality to allow all your viewers to be able to view to live stream irrespective of the speed of their internet connection Switch between Multi-Bitrate Streaming (MBR) / Single Bitrate streaming in one click

Remote Recording

Webstreamer 8

Ability to record on the server during live streaming

Webstreamer 6

Continue with existing recorded videos on the fly

Webstreamer 10

Store in multiple formats to make the file compatible with IOS and Desktop viewers

Webstreamer 9

Go off the record in one click

Webstreamer 7

Archive live recorded streams

Webstreamer 5

Upload video files to the cloud

Webstreamer 11
Webstreamer 12
Webstreamer 13
Webstreamer 14