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Live Video Mixer


IVB7 Mixer enables you to mix from a variety of input sources such as video cameras, other video devices or files.

Mixer 1

Multiple input sources

  • Add videos from multiple sources
  • Video Input sources (Professional Cameras, DVD players, etc),  Live Screen
  • Capture, Playlists, Files Images
  • Internet Video sources (RTMP / RTSP / YouTube)
  • Live preview video content in thumbnails and switch on the fly
  • Capture snapshots of the video output at any point


  • Apply transitions between switching video sources
  • Several built-in transitions including fade, wiipe, dissolve, etc
  • Built-in Transition-bar to control transitions in fast or slow motion
  • Ability to set the transition timer to control the transition timing
Mixer 3

Mixer Output

  • Save the live mix output to a file
  • Save the live mix directly to the cloud
  • Stream mixed output online to a website
  • Output mixed content to a Video output device such as Decklink
  • Output the mixed content to an extended monitor (to use as an alternative to an expensive video output device)
  • Output mixer to a live RTMP / RTSP / HTTP stream
  • Output live mix directly to YouTube Live
Mixer 6
Mixer 9

Picture in Picture

  • Ability to display PIP (Picture in Picture)
  • Ability to insert multiple videos as Picture In Picture and group   them as PIP groups
  • Mix between PIP and other sources

Audio Mixing

  • Audio level adjustment for each video source
  • Audio delay adjustment to fix audio synchronization issues on  source videos
  • Multi Channel Audio Mixing
  • Mix different audio channels for any sources (Live, File, Screen  Capture, Playlists, Images or Internet sources)
  • Use alternative audio streams for any video stream
  • Ability to play continous audio from a master audio source while  mixing videos
Mixer 8