Dual hdmi, avi and sdi live streaming
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Dual HDMI/AV & SDI Live Pack


1. Simultaneously live stream and broadcast on all – Social Media, YouTube, Face book, Mobiles, Tabs, PC, IPTV & TV
2. Dual Live Streaming with HDMI or AV
3. Live Streaming – with video Mixing & of Stored videos, presentation & Slides

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1. Live broadcasting Equipment with audio, headphones, volume control with four Inputs- two HDMI and Two AV
2. It comes with large 13.3″ FHD touch screen.
3. It has a professional Mike system for Live presenter to directly connect & use it without any audio mixer or pre-amplifier.
4. Supports Live Streaming of quality video without buffering from 100 to 600 Kbps upload. Supports any USB Data Card – with low internet.
5. Connects to any Wi-Fi or LAN
6. Supports Live You Tube & all 3rd party Streaming software and CDN.
7. It supports Capturing Live Audio & Video on to system from Video tapes for video editing and conversion
8. Completely works on built-in rechargeable battery.
9. Provides best quality, Automatically Adjusts HD quality according to the internet speed. Carry it anywhere & broadcast with your data card.
10. No need of any leased Line & Static IP Address.
11. Can be used as a back Pack, Front pack with Live view on screen.
12. Can also be used as a carry pack or shoulder pack.
13. Capture your live videos on sites without internet access & play & Live stream immediately at a nearest place with internet Access.
14. Any file can play to Live stream to the receiver
15. Shoot, Save, Edit, make effects &send the file to receiving station.
16. Edit video, provide voice over titles, animation, & visual effects and then send to receiving station.
17. Additional battery.(optional) .
18. Send & receive emails, documents, typing with touch screen keyboard. Full leather Carry Case.

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Dimensions 357 x 248 x 48 mm