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Post pandemic survival kit inside Livebox

Post-pandemic survival kit inside Livebox

Prioritize your goals Business without goals is like a car without steering. Goals need to be met and this is the perfect moment to push …

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Live Recordings ensure safe collaboration

It is crucial to record important conferences. While Video Conferences without the facility to record might be handy for personal use, live recordings perform a …

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Waiting Room with Entertainment features

Waiting to get on board a conference might be wearying until the Host approves. But LiveboxTM has introduced the new Waiting Room feature with the facility to …

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Unifying Phoneline with Video Conferencing Software

This month LiveboxTM is introducing a brand-new feature that enables users to join a Video Conference without any Internet connection. This is done by a phone …

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Exciting updates on the Livebox API and developer SDKs

The newest LiveboxTM release has a lot of new features that can be used by developers to integrate video conferencing and live streaming into any existing web application, windows …

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Live Radio Station

Host your own Radio station with LiveBox  It is possible to start up your own web-based radio station effortlessly. LiveboxTM is a complete user-friendly platform that allows …

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