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International Students Via Live Streaming


Do you let anxiety about travel expenses prevent you from following your dream of teaching English to people in parts of the world where it’s not spoken? Do you allow fear of complicated travel logistics to weaken your desire to spread a brand new training course to countries around the globe? Well, thanks to stunning advancements in live streaming technology, you can make these dreams a reality and stop letting fear paralyze you. IVB7 is a leader in live streaming technology and is here to help you finally bring these dreams into the real world. The best part? You don’t have to leave the comforts of your own home to do this. Let’s look at what our live streaming equipment, featuring the state-of-the-art LIVEBOX, has to offer the education world.

Answer questions in real time

If you worry that you need to be physically in front of your students to ensure they get the most out of your lessons or training courses, LIVEBOX is here to put that fear to rest. Live streaming technology allows teachers to connect with their international students in real time through LIVEBOX’S advanced live streaming equipment. Other than basic technology that enables sound and video transmission, your students will need Android set top boxes that connect with your LIVEBOX streaming server. Once that task is complete, you will be well on your way to sharing all of your lessons and training courses in a breeze!

Our live streaming technology has the ability to encode and transmit audio and video files at lightning speeds. Files can be transmitted to and from any format, ensuring that important information doesn’t get lost in Web traffic. Now your students can get instant answers to questions and clear up any misunderstanding about your lessons without having to see you in person. You won’t have to hear students’ excuses for submitting incomplete or late assignments because of confusion or misunderstandings. If you are offering training courses, you will be able to clear up client confusion and provide them with additional information right away.


Get absent students caught up

LIVEBOX, along with the rest of our live streaming equipment, can help you bring students up to speed when they one or more of your lessons. LIVEBOX’S live streaming server delivers a user-friendly interface that allows teachers and professors to store, organize, and archive live video and audio files in one place. Students can access these and view them as video on demand through their devices that connect to their Android set top boxes, which then connect to your LIVEBOX server.

You can simultaneously upload your live video sessions to all of your social media newsfeeds and share it as live video. You can do the same thing on your course website. You can also store entire courses on the LIVEBOX live streaming server in a snap, allowing students with planned absences (or those who just want to stay ahead in the game) to stay up-to-speed while they are away or before they leave. If you are a teacher or professor who is tired of the stories about a student’s absence negatively affecting his/her performance, you’ll love this feature of our live streaming technology. Our live streaming equipment and technology will also give training professionals greater assurance that they will be able to meet their clients’ needs, even if a live video session is missed.

Upload supplemental materials

Do you need to share supplemental course materials with your international students or clients? Our live streaming equipment and software can easily meet that need as well. In the same way that you store and share individual lessons or entire courses you can share supplemental literature, e-books, worksheets, assignments, questionnaires and so much more! Our cloud-based technology is equipped with encoding software that allows for ultra-fast uploads and downloads. You can make lessons, information, and other materials available on a limited-time basis. Do you want to minimize excuses for late submissions or complaints about missing important training materials? We thought so!

Live streaming technology is paving the way for real time communication between individuals who are separated by the oceans. This is of great importance for teachers, professors, and training professionals who want to influence people around the world. Live streaming technology helps ease fears about doing this in the face of intimidatingly great distance, which means it can bring this desire to life. is a leading expert with live streaming technology and is therefore in a great position to help shape the face of modern education. Explore our website today to learn more about how we can help you meet your needs. Please contact our friendly experts with any questions and for help getting started!



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