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On the Move with Connectivity: INSTANET Revolutionizes Indian Railways’ Internet Experience

On the Move with Connectivity: INSTANET Revolutionizes Indian Railways' Internet Experience

Traveling with Indian Railways is now more than just a journey; it’s a connected experience. Discover how INSTANET, the Internet Generator, is transforming the way passengers stay online during their rail travels.

Reliable Connectivity for Passengers 

INSTANET ensures a consistent and reliable internet connection for passengers on the move. By combining multiple internet connections seamlessly, it creates a dedicated and bonded network, overcoming challenges of low-speed connectivity in various regions.

Powering Live Streaming on the Rails 

Video streaming enthusiasts can now rejoice as INSTANET supports live streaming on the rails. By utilizing the combined bandwidth of multiple 3G/4G/5G SIM cards, passengers can enjoy seamless live streaming even in areas with traditionally low-speed internet connectivity.

ISP-Agnostic Static IPs for Seamless Connectivity 

INSTANET goes beyond just providing internet. Passengers using INSTANET on Indian Railways can also benefit from ISP-agnostic static public IP addresses. This feature ensures a stable and secure connection throughout the journey.

The Role of INSTACORE in Enhancing Connectivity 

Paired with INSTACORE, INSTANET’s cloud router, the connectivity experience is taken to the next level. INSTACORE acts as the bonding server, HD WAN server, and routing server, providing advanced NAT and networking capabilities. This dynamic duo ensures optimal performance and control.

Multi-WAN Failover for Uninterrupted Connection

INSTANET’s Multi-WAN failover feature guarantees uninterrupted connectivity. In case one network faces issues, INSTANET seamlessly switches to an alternative, keeping passengers connected without disruptions.

Analytics Insight for Improved Experience

Passengers and Indian Railways alike can benefit from INSTANET’s analytics. Gain insights into bandwidth usage both on WAN interface and connected LAN clients, allowing for better management and optimization of resources.

Success Stories: INSTANET on Indian Railways

Indian Railways has embraced INSTANET to provide consistent internet services to passengers. Witness the success as passengers enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, enhancing their travel experience.

Why Choose INSTANET for Railway Connectivity? 

Seamless Bonding: Combining multiple internet sources for a dedicated and bonded connection.

ISP-Agnostic IPs: Ensuring stable and secure connections with static public IPs.

INSTACORE Integration: Enhancing performance with advanced NAT and networking capabilities.

Multi-WAN Failover: Uninterrupted connectivity with automatic network switching.

Analytics Insight: Better management through detailed bandwidth usage insights.

Ready for a Connected Rail Journey? 

Explore the power of INSTANET on Indian Railways and embrace a connected travel experience like never before. Stay online, stream seamlessly, and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your journey. Choose INSTANET for the future of rail travel.

INSTANET’s influence on Indian Railways is transforming travel into a connected journey. With reliable internet, live streaming capabilities, and advanced features, passengers can stay online, entertained, and productive throughout their rail adventure.

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