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The Instanet Advantage: Transforming Businesses with Smart Networking

Unlocking Potential: The Instanet Advantage in Networking

Uncover the transformative power of Instanet, the cutting-edge router that goes beyond conventional networking. Explore how it seamlessly integrates into various business landscapes, offering consistent connectivity, on-premises server solutions, and a host of advanced features for IT managers and decision-makers. Dive into a world where Instanet becomes the bridge between cloud and on-premises, saving costs, ensuring reliability, and revolutionizing the way businesses connect. 

Next-Level Mobility: Consistent Internet on the Move
  •    Elevate your mobile experience with Instanet’s ability to combine multiple connections for uninterrupted streaming.
  •    ISP agnostic static public IP with NATing ensures a reliable network for vehicles and live streaming.
Cloud On-Premises Hybrid: Revolutionizing Infrastructure
  •    Move your cloud infrastructure on-premises effortlessly with Instanet, offering customized solutions for AI, hosting, virtual machines, and more.
  •     Work from home made secure and accessible, connecting employees to in-house PCs through Instanet’s RBAC-enabled browser access.


Branch Office Connectivity: Seamless Networking with SDWAN
Innovative Features: Analytics, Naming, and IP Control
  •    Gain insights with advanced network analytics, tracking bandwidth usage and connected LAN clients.
  •   Name internal devices and control IP distribution efficiently with additional features offered by Instanet.
Versatile Customization: Tailoring Instanet to Your Needs
  •    Customize Instanet’s LAN/WAN ports and network interfaces, including USB ports, LAN ports, 4G/5G modems, or multiple WIFI modules.
  •    Unique features support entrepreneurs and agencies in setting up mini satellite data centers, even in moving vehicles.
Security and Load Balancing: Ensuring Network Reliability
  •    Secure remote work with Instanet’s Work from Home RDP gateway and role-based user access.
  •    Instanet’s load balancing, bonding, and failover features guarantee network reliability, even in challenging conditions.
Client Success Stories: From Railways to Marathons
  •    Indian railways provide consistent internet on the move with Instanet.
  •    SRM group successfully live-streams a marathon with multiple Instanet Internet Generators.
 Cloud-On-premises Converter: Redefining Hybrid Setup
  •    Instanet serves as a Cloud-On-premises converter, allowing businesses to shift to a cost-effective hybrid setup.
  •     Save on storage, CPU, and GPU costs with a single device that handles load           balancing and provides ISP agnostic static IP addresses.


In conclusion, Instanet emerges as a game-changer in the networking landscape, providing a holistic solution for businesses seeking reliability, flexibility, and cost savings. Elevate your connectivity experience and witness the transformation of your business with the Instanet advantage. 

Instanet: Bridging the Gap in Business Connectivity

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