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Live Recordings ensure safe collaboration

It is crucial to record important conferences. While Video Conferences without the facility to record might be handy for personal use, live recordings perform a significant part when it comes to an important meeting. And also it is essential to record and store the videos while having an educational collaboration as this option will serve the learner community hugely.

Why should you record an online conference?

Recording your video conferences will ensure keeping track of your business engagements. You can store those live recordings and use them for further research. Companies that conduct international conferences, which include the participation of decisive people of administrative departments and the Management Committee, will undoubtedly require this recording facility because such meetings would turn out to be reformative, bringing about a change. 

Salient points discussed in the conferences can be revised again for accurate measures. Hand notes may not always assist the mission, and this tool aids the circumstance. LiveboxTM also provides a cloud storage facility to store your live recordings which can be played later. Additional storage can also be sought if needed.

Why it is important to store online classes?

Record your Online classes and use them for clarifying points and detailed analysis. Such record-keeping can result in an assertive discussion, which will enable the teachers to probe deeper on the lessons as well as the receptive skill of the student batch. 

These live recordings will be of help to students who have missed their class. Teachers can send these recordings to the students who were unable to attend their online classes. Schools and Colleges can stock up the live recordings of all the sessions as files in their database so that they can be used for revision and improvement purposes in the future.

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