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Live Streaming


Brings Cable into the 21st Century


If there ever were a twenty-first century twist on viewing media content it would be the development of live streaming devices. Live streaming devices allow viewers to view media in real time from anywhere on the globe (as long as they are willing to stay up!) wherever a reliable Internet connection exists. Live streaming is a good fit for some of today’s most important lifestyle values, including cost-effectiveness; instantaneous media content delivery (Who likes waiting for anything these days?); and viewing media on the go. Yes, live streaming devices are introducing the cable TV industry to the twenty-first century in many ways!

Eliminating Broadcast Delays

Live streaming is allows you to record and broadcast your unique media content in real time and allows you to interact with viewers from anywhere in the world at the same time. This allows for uninterrupted communication between you and your viewers, which is important for the effective delivery of your content messages. Live streaming helps ensure that no part of your message gets missed because of broadcast delays. It also gives you greater assurance that your message will be well received, increasing the likelihood that viewers will act on it in a way that you desire. Live streaming makes sharing your content quick and easy! Again, nobody likes to wait!


Sharing Across Social Media Platforms

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account (or maybe both, in addition to a few others!), you may have seen your friends, family members, or famous celebrities sharing their stories and messages via live streaming videos on the sites’ newsfeeds. Social media accounts are being used to share personal stories, rapidly disseminate brand marketing information, and raise awareness of new ideas and creations. Live streaming devices, such as our Livebox, allow you, the content creator, to share your media across multiple social media accounts, ensuring that a greater number of viewers are exposed to it. From here, your viewers are able to share your media content, helping you to expand your viewership further.

Streaming on Mobile Devices

In addition to being shared across social media accounts, your content can be viewed on multiple mobile devices by viewers from wherever they are. Mobile devices are equipped with technology that enables access to social media accounts as well as live streaming capability. Today, almost everybody has at least one smart phone or other mobile device and many have multiple devices constantly within easy reach. Moreover, most people spend many hours of each day looking at their mobile devices, so there is a great opportunity for them to view your content at any given moment of the day.


Independent Channel Ownership

An important value of our society is independence and ownership of property, such as the intellectual property of your content. Live stream devices such as our Livebox allow you to have ownership of your own media channel (and even multiple channels) to broadcast all your content. You don’t have to worry about competition from others as you share your content because you own your own channel. Take back ownership of your content and its dissemination.

Live streaming helps traditional cable TV fit into the latest trends of the twenty-first century. Thanks to innovations in technology, it’s never been easier to share your media content on multiple platforms and channels without broadcast delays. This technology makes it easier to reach a greater number of viewers wherever they are and enables them to share it with people within their networks. Live streaming ensures that your messages will be heard without a glitch!