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Playout 1

Program Scheduler

  • Create playlists and restore playlist at anytime
  • Create and restore presets anytime
  • Add unlimited videos as long as there is sufficient computing power.
  • Supports video signal of any size from SD / HD / 4K / 12K or +
  • Adjust output resolutions for source formats of any resolution
    Sort Playlist
  • Ability to set start time and end times for each video.

Export to multiple destinationsnitor

  • Play out to output video device
  • Play out to video file
  • Play out to the internet live
  • Play out to the live mixer
  • Play out to the extended monitor
Playout 3
Playout 4

Supports various input formats

  • Import and play video files of any video format (Supports most  popular video formats)
  • Add multiple video inputs from other IVB7 equipments, Decklink or  any other third party capture devices
  • Add live video from internet sources such as RTSP / RTMP sources
  • Ability to play out live screen

CG Editor

  • Add video overlays to the content
  • Built-in CG editor to design overlays
  • Schedule overlays time-wise, date wise and also possible with year wise.
  • Ability to add multiple logos.
  • Ability to add scrolling text with different font style, font  colour, shape
    color and with different languages.
  • Image sequence with CG is possible.
  • Ability to multiple ticker content in a single preset.
  • Supports flashing images.
Playout 5

Schedule Advertisements

Playout 7
Playout 8


  • Increase the quality of existing audio.
  • Audio mixing through the audio mixer
  • Synchronize and rectify audio for files where audio is out of sync


  • Record live payout to video file¬† with mixing and overlays
  • Seamless switching between videos
Playout 10