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Disadvantages of using a shared CDN provider

Disadvantages of a Shared CDN Provider

The truth about shared streaming CDN now revealed. Here are the top reasons why IVB7 let’s you own your CDN infrastructure.

You may have heard wonderful things about transmitting websites and media content via a content delivery network (CDN), things like performance, scalability, reliability, and lower costs.  You may have heard that is the best way to transmit your content without annoying delays as you strive to reach an audience that is far away. What you may not have heard about, however, is the likelihood that you would be transmitting your content through a server that is populated by a multitude of other users.  A CDN provider that also manages the content delivery of other users runs the same server you’d be using. This presents some problems for your own content delivery, which would limit your presence on the Internet. Let’s look at some reasons why!

Security Risks for Your Data:  One problem you will likely encounter when using a shared content delivery network provider to fulfill your content delivery needs is the potential for increased security threats for your content data.  When you stream your content through a CDN provider, you are transmitting that content through a network of servers being used by other people for the same purpose. You cannot be certain that those users will unknowingly or maliciously transmit a virus or spyware through that network.  Additionally, if you are transmitting confidential client information it could be unsuspectingly released into the hands of people with harmful intentions. Purchasing a live streaming server supported by a technical team of experts greatly diminishes these risks. Protect the integrity of your streamed content!   

Network Problems Caused by Others:  Another downside of using a shard CDN provider is that network problems could be caused by other users’ activities, even when your content is transmitted efficiently.  These problems could adversely affect the integrity of your own content and slow down your transmission speeds. Think of it in this way: You are driving on the highway to work, sticking to the speed limit.  Along comes a reckless driver who eventually causes a major accident a mile down the road. You are now stuck in a major traffic jam because of the irresponsible driving of another party and will likely be late for work.  Even if you have all your ducks in a row when live streaming your content, you could still experience transmission delays, which is not good for your business. Don’t let your live streaming goals suffer at the hands of other users!

Competition Impacts Content Delivery Speeds: Even when the network is running optimally and all users are transmitting data appropriately, the delivery speeds of your live streams could be impacted by the sheer fact that there are other people competing for space on the network.  All networks have a limited amount of space, and it stands to reason that the more users present to take up that space the more likely you are to face slower live streaming speeds. The only way this problem can be fixed is to limit the number of users on any given network of servers.   There’s nothing like living large and in charge… of your content live streams!

Cannot Customize Server:  If you have certain server specification requirements for successful live streaming of your data, it could be a great challenge to meet those needs on a shared CDN.  Moreover, data usage by other users on the same network would eat up the data space you would need to successfully stream your content. If you have specific server requirements to successfully launch your live stream, your best bet is to purchase your own live streaming server that meets your requirements.  On a shared CDN server customizability is just not possible. Get what you want on your terms!

Reduced Site Visibility:  According to, running a website through a shared server means you have to share an IP address with other users, and your visibility could be negatively impacted if another user’s website transmits malicious or suspicious content.  Lower visibility ratings means fewer web users will be able to access your content. A shared IP address could also harm the integrity of private information transmitted from your website or streaming content. Don’t let your website traffic drop because of present company on the shared server! is here to help you meet your live streaming needs by providing you with an effective custom live streaming server solution, most notably our LiveboxTM.  Our live streaming equipment and services are backed by a team of knowledgeable, skilled experts who are ready to help you in every step of the way in getting your streaming content to go live on your terms.  We’ll even provide you with you very own streaming server. You’ll never have to worry about sharing space on a CDN provider’s server again!

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