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Introducing Livebox Live Streaming Server

Let us introduce the latest and one of the best disruptive innovations we have ever made, it is the Livebox live streaming server!

We’re happy to announce that it’s available to existing and new customers. It’s a streaming server box that can be instantly deployed anywhere.

Livebox comes built-in with every feature that a professional broacaster would expect. It supports the streaming directly from UDP, mpeg-ts, RTMP and more. This server is all that you would possibly need to fulfill all of your live broadcast requirements. It also has features a distribution hub to distribute your live content all over the social media. Distribute to YouTube,Facebook, Periscope and hundreds of other live streaming providers within a few clicks. We hope you like the new short demo video we have made to give you a quick intro into livebox streaming server and it’s basic features. This is not all. There is so much more. Visit our new website at to get complete info about all the features of this box.

This LIvebox live media streaming comes in two forms, one is a hosted online CDN and the other is a box like the one shown below. Just checkout to understand more on how this works.

We are available to speak to you. Just give us a call at +919789978981