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Live video marketing & 360 degree video experiences

Live video marketing is the newest form of sales and marketing through live streaming. Add FutureStream (a 360 degree encoding and streaming initiative by IVB7) and you boost your abilities to reach a massive audience through multiple social media accounts. Live video streaming is the future of online marketing.

How can you use Live video streaming for marketing?
  1. Generate channels to generate revenue
  2. Start your own Live station and host people’s channels.
  3. Enable your customers to generate revenue using LiveBox
  4. Split second latency streaming – available only with LiveBox
  5. Build your own Live Streaming applications using the LiveBox API
Introducing FutureStream, a live streaming media innovation from IVB7

In this changing world of streaming media and audience requirements, LiveBox brings the latest technology FutureStream. With FutureStream, users can experience live and immersive 360 degree video experiences.
FutureStream also incorporates live elements and components in which your viewers can interact using emojis, Q & A’s,voting and more.
Also, when users require instant realt-time streams, FutureStream helps to deliver the content with split second delay ultra low latency streaming.

Scale massively using the Livebox self healing infrastructure. It delivers high performance and scales automatically as you expand. The self healing capability of our servers help in recovering fast even before potential problems can start on the server. Our services are built on AWS and Axure to provide the self healing infrastructure through distribution of POPs and Nodes across the globe.

Get the Livebox development SDK to learn more about how you can integrate and develop using Livebox server.

By leveraging cutting edge technologies such as Websockets and synced delivery,the end to end latency is drastically reduced providing a consistant experience across all platforms.

For more info, contact +919789978981 on how you can integrate LiveBox into your media workflow
LiveBox is one of a kind that helps you get started with any

Livebox is the best live media solution available today that helps in streamlining any content creation and distribution workflow. By using livebox within your business, organization, channel, studio or TV station, you can straight away reduce your existing costs by over 50% because of the competitive pricing of the service and the ability to deploy instant solutions for your clients with the most minimal learning curve. Livebox is built for high performance and requires no performance tuning. Livebox has in-built security features that can be simply turned on for different scenarios.

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