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IVB7 live video streaming encoder

Let’s have a look at all the features of Webstreamer, the first software video encoder with features like h.265 encoding, 360* video encoding and more…

The IVB7’s own encoder is also easy and quick to use with LiveboxTM although LiveboxTM supports various other encoders like Wirecast,XSplit,Vmix,OBS Studio and hardware encoders.

Streaming Features:

  1. Live streaming with Interactivity.
  2. Stream live in High Quality even through low bandwidth.
  3. Ability to select existing presets
  4. Ability to create custom streaming presets
  5. Automatic streaming to multiple platforms such as Android / IOS / Flash / HTML5 with no additional configuration

YouTube Streaming

  1. Stream to YouTube and third party streaming providers

Multi CDN Switching :

  1. Ability to switch between streaming servers instantly in one click to improve latency or troubleshoot issues during a live event
  2. Easily integrates with multiple LiveBoxs for Multi-CDN


  1. Broadcast video online in multiple formats like High Quality, Medium Quality and Low Quality to allow all your viewers to be able to view to live stream irrespective of the speed of their internet connection
  2. Switch between Multi Bitrate Streaming (MBR) / Single Bitrate streaming in one click

Remote Recording:

  1. Ability to record on the server during live streaming
  2. Continue with existing recorded videos on the fly
  3. Store in multiple formats to make the file compatible with IOS and Desktop viewers
  4. Go off the record in one click
  5. Archive live recorded streams
  6. Upload  video files to the cloud

Local Live Recorder

  1. Live record locally with / without streaming
  2. Ability to record while streaming live and recording online

Live Replay :

  1. Viewers can pause, rewind and replay during the live event

Live Tickers :

  1. Send live news tickers of breaking news or score updates
  2. Remotely control the live news ticker from any location

Viewer Chat :

  1. Ability to chat with online audience (viewers)
  2. Private Chat and Public chat
  3. Ability to record the chats along with the live video to replay the live event again anytime
  4. Ability to customize the look and feel of the chat box on the website

Live Powerpoint Presentation :

  1. Ability to present content to live  audience during the live event
  2. Synchronized Powerpoint recording with chat integration

Screen Capture

  1. Ability to capture part of the screen or the entire screen to stream online

Interactive Content:

  1. Display YouTube videos as video presentations during the live event
  2. Display custom interactive animations or HTML5 based games / apps

Live Player

  1. Cross platform compatible player; Same player plays on Android / IOS / Windows / Any browser
  2. Fully / Partially brandable player
  3. Ability to play part of the recorded video
  4. Ability to restrict the player from loading on specific domains

Embeddable :

  1. Embed the Chat / Player or Presentation on any site


  1. Ability to Password protect the player page using the bundled Mojoportal
  2. Ability to create roles and users within the portal

Viewer Statistics & Reports

  1. View live viewer reports by IP / location
  2. View the number of viewers watching the event live at any given time
  3. Live statistics and graphs based on location and time

Facebook Streaming:

  1. Facebook app to add and configure the video player to any Facebook page

Multi Platform Streaming

  1. Viewers can view the stream on multiple platforms including IOS, Android and Windows.
  2. HTML5 supported

Support :

  1. One click remote support right from the streaming software
  2. Phone / Email  Support

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