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Live video streaming and server without recurring costs

CDTECH is the only streaming product manufacturer who can provide Live video streaming without recurring costs. Are you tired of paying again and again every month or every year for your Live streaming CDN service? Well, here’s good news for you. You no longer need to pay for streaming servers because now you can OWN one.

We  manufacture live streaming Hardware server that can be setup at your own place & be used through intranet and internet without any monthly yearly payment & can be customized to your requirement. See . Call us at +91-9789-9789-81 if you want to speak to us right away before going through more details.

  1. Live Streaming Server with built-in free whitelabeled  Transcoding  & non transcoding video Player
  2. Ability to customize your  Transcoding settings and presets
  3. Flash Free Live Streaming ServerLiveboxTM is the first streaming server to provide Flash free Live video streaming.
  4. Your clients now don’t require to install flash to view their videos. They can just open the web page and directly view.
  5. Directly supports all iphone devices without any additional software and links to view the videos
  6. Totally works on HTML-5 technology
  7. It has facility to push your video  to multiple social media accounts & social media servers (multiple accounts of youtube, facebook & twiiter and others)
  8. Available with API for any type of  customization
  9. Create un-limited RTMP urls.
  10. Optionally Livebox is available  on-cloud with un-limited bandwidth connected to 500Mbps, 1000 Mbps & 10,000Mbps  direct internet pipe line.
  11. Guaranteed ultra low latency without raising your bills
  12. The on-cloud CDN is available across the world and you also have the ability to switch or choose locations
  13. you can also setup your own single  Multi-CDN  server from different countries.
  14. Our servers are fully compatible with all live streaming software & hardware like VMix,Wirecast,OBS Studio,XSplit or any other software or hardware encoder.

Need it now? Direct Phone : +91-9789-9789-81 . More info on

We are available to speak to you. Just give us a call at +919789978981