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Livebox joins SRT Alliance


We are happy to announce that Livebox is now a part of the SRT Alliance! 

SRT Alliance is an initiative by Haivision to overcome the challenges of low latency streaming and packet loss

Know more about SRT streaming here.

Why SRT?

SRT (Secure Reliable Transfer) protocol, which is an open-source video streaming protocol, is highly acclaimed for its reliability as it delivers high-quality low latency videos without much data loss. 

SRT has been adopted and deployed in a wide range of applications. Live streaming has its own advantages when it is wrapped up with SRT protocol

SRT acts as a shield over the to-be-distributed content thus preventing loss of much content by retrieving it.

This revolutionary project is undertaken by Haivision and it is paired by Wowza Media Systems. Thousands of organizations have been benefitted by using the SRT streaming protocol. 

SRT was released by Haivision as an open-source protocol in 2017. 

In 2021, with all its latest improvements and bug fixes, SRT protocol has become the best- available technology to reduce packet loss, jitter and other issues related to streaming while streaming high-quality video content over unpredictable network fluctuations.

Livebox joins SRT Alliance

Livebox has now joined the SRT alliance. It is indeed big news for the users of Livebox worldwide. This alliance will result in further improvements related to secure and more affordable video streaming

Livebox entering in alliance with SRT will sure result in delivery of high-quality low-latency videos at more affordable prices. Clients of Livebox are happy to welcome this! This opens room for further enhancement and expansion of new arenas of video streaming, as well!”, says Mr Godwin Josh, Technology Director of Livebox.

What is the scope of this alliance?

Fast file Transmission of quality content, which is at the same time secure and reliable, is now possible because of this alliance.

Livebox has already taken its massive step, that is, Ultra-low latency streaming, which assures faster delivery of content even as it is being captured on the video camera. 

Besides, this alliance has created opportunities for further advancements.

Livebox, your ultimate business box, gets upgraded with intriguing and exciting technological augmentations.

What next?

By joining the SRT Alliance, you can expect Livebox to be at the forefront of delivering high-quality video content without losing data faster than ever!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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