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What does Livebox offer for you in 2021? – Revealed

Livebox gets upgraded! 

Unveil the latest features that are incorporated in your Livebox toolkit, for the year 2021. And explore a million ways through which you can expand and enlarge your business collaborations. 

Here is a glimpse of the latest updates from the labs of Livebox.

  • Livebox now supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocols. Stream your videos safely through SRT. Experience fast file transmission which is also secure and reliable. 
  • DVR option which enables you to rewind live videos is made more simple and convenient with Livebox. 
  • Another amazing shout-out has to be for the new Ultra-Low Latency Streaming feature. Ultra low latency streaming makes sure that your content is delivered very fast as it is being captured on the camera. 
  • Sharing files has never been so easy! You can share any number of files using Livebox! 
  • White-label your Reseller Panel with your logo and name and engage in as many business collaborations more conveniently than ever! 
  • Expand your business by sharing your Livebox with your clients. You can allot shares for each user. You can also divide and allocate storage for every client/user
  • One box will be totally enough for you to combine the benefits of streaming as well as video conferencing, i.e., Livebox. Joining the video conferencing without an Internet connection is an added advantage.
  • The combination of Pay-per-view and secure streaming with Granular security controls will enable you to charge your viewers as they click into your video.
  • Restrict viewers geographically and prevent your content from being downloaded from anywhere. 
  • Automatic Server scaling, Automatic Channel scheduling, adding CG and advanced overlays on your content are some of the advanced features.
  • The in-built app store in Livebox enables you to include multiple business apps including a full-fledged Video Conferencing suite and Learning Management System.

Moreover, Livebox can be deployed on-premise or as a cloud solution. 

One box for all your streaming needs! 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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