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News from the heart of the LIVEBOX Team

NAB SHOW 2019 on April

One of the most exciting things that happened in the month of April was the ability to catch up with our customers in the USA at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The main focus throughout the event was to make existing and new clients understand more about the new features in LiveboxTM and demonstrating how it can be used in their businesses. When we demonstrated the IVB7 hardware, a lot of ideas was exchanged and it gave us a better picture of our clients’ expectations in the USA. And in so many ways, it turned out to be fruitful for us to renovate and experiment with new possibilities in Livebox.

News update on July 2019

July has been yet another awesome month for LIVEBOX. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the newest features added into Livebox within the last month and there’s so much that’s yet to come but we’re putting a roundup of the most anticipated features for this month.


The Livebox Playlist has now got a new name. It’s called the Autostream in the latest Livebox version and it will be called as Autostream henceforth since we think this is what suits this component based on the functionality and features it provides. The futuristic Autostream has also got many features built into it to help you in adding effects, multiple scrolling texts, and logos. And the best part is, the user can have the granular access to adjusting a few more technical settings such as the buffer size and other stream related settings.

So, with the Livebox Autostream, you can just set-up your live channels and make it run 24/7.

APK Builder

Businesses, Resellers, and TV channel owners, we have heard you and we have news for you. Livebox now enables you to build business apps without spending money and time on custom development. You can develop mobile apps for your TV channels and multiple single-page apps for your 24/7 live streaming channels singlehandedly all by yourself. And for any user, it is going to be very easy to log in and to change the design of your app.

Player Customization

Livebox is getting colorful more than ever as it is now possible for you to change the color instantly and customize the player to fit the theme of your website. In Livebox’s upcoming update, improvised color customizations can be done with one click.

Let the color of your Player change according to the evolution of your brand.

Having all these new features and updated incorporated, Livebox is still going to work faster and smoother whether it runs for a few hours or 24/7.
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