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How to prevent and control Corona Attack? Corona Unmasked!

Life is precious and this being propagated through the encounter of bitter hard situations like Corona Virus Attack, which seems worse like warfare! This effect has created an awareness that could have been impossible if it is not because of Live Streaming.

How can a Live Streaming Solution contribute to the redemption of the current emergency situation?

Let us take a pause and look closer. Do you have any idea about the source of all the news about what is happening in China? Have you any other contact with the locked-down cities and states in China if it’s not Digital Technology? When was the last time when you had any update from the locked-down country? Alright. If you probe deeper and deeper, other than the official announcements of the governments and the live news feed in the nooks which are viral on the Internet, it is impossible for the world to acquire wisdom to be precautious in the steady-growing panic. 


With LiveboxTM, the awareness campaigns are having tremendous effects on people and the mechanism has a higher advantage as the curiosity of global people would be satiated. Live Streaming using LiveboxTM is the best way to take them virtually into the deserted cities and the busy casualties of the place of sensation. 

We are apparently shocked and worried about the people of China and also other countries where the traces of Corona has been spotted. The plight of the people who are restricted and locked down in their apartments is absolutely pathetic. On the other hand, INSTACAST has enabled them to go live and speak to the world. Their powerful voices over the Internet has had a definite impact and keeps on resonating in the minds of the other countries. 

People in remote locations suffer immeasurably to survive in such emergencies. They may find it difficult to get good network connectivity to connect with the world and get proper physical and medical assistance. But with INSTANET, people were able to seek proper help at the right moment. INSTANET is the best reliable Instant Internet Generator which acts as a powerful source of the Internet by combining the Mobile Internet with the local Broadband and Wifi to get the best possible Internet in any remote location. INSTANET has helped them to communicate their needs of service and assistance at crucial times. INSTANET is also a boon to doctors and Scientists of Biotechnology which has helped in establishing good Internet in order to communicate with scientists and governments all over the world for curative measures from any remote corner. 


This is the crusade against the spread of a global epidemic. Livebox Streaming Server has helped Live Streamers inside the walls of the nation to stream the plight seamlessly and spread awareness to the global people and this has contributed immensely to this campaign. LiveboxTM has tremendously helped the world to witness the deserted roads, streets and buildings and the stuck up people who mask themselves with three layers of protection,  the long queues to get medicines from the local pharmacies, the run-out stores of plastic masks, the once busy 10 lane roads and the busiest intersections with unending buzzes of people now left aloof, the doctors and health workers secluded from their families with tears, and the ever-growing casualties and uncontrollable deaths and also the precautional messages and frequent reports from the World Health Organisation.


The Live Streaming mechanism can do much more! Governments are now becoming aware of the total contribution of the live streaming method in the crucial and difficult times when all other modes have become undependable and futile. 

LiveBox has not only impacted the world during this health attack, but it has also impacted many governments to look back at the crucial cases, campaigns for a cause and situations relating to human rights issues. Nowadays, Governments have become highly knowledgeable of the influence which Live streaming initiates in the lives of the masses at large.


It is proved that Live Streaming is essential for a country’s emergency situations. It can create massive effects as it connects people from every nook and corner virtually and it emphasizes the possibility of a possible redemption from the plight. The two-layered protection, the tears of seclusion and the anxiety of death can be reduced to the minimal when the awareness reaches out to millions inducing them to light up measures of prevention. As we are unsure of which Pandora’s box will open to unleash fear and illness or inconvenience, Live streaming can be the hope to propagate relief and solution. 

An emergency like this can be overcome with wisdom through LiveBox! With LiveboxTM it becomes even more beneficial, as it enables doctors to consult infected patients through Video Conferencing. Patients with the accurate severe physical ailment can consult doctors who have specialized in the field from anywhere on the globe through Video Conferencing. It will further restrict the infection from spreading furthermore. Live Streaming can help build a nation at the crucial moments and LiveBox is the most powerful and skillful Streaming solution which is a complete package deal!

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