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How to run your own Internet-based Virtual Office?

Build your own Virtual Team where people can work from the comfort of their homes. Physical Offices are no longer a matter of necessity, saving your rents, electricity bills, transportation, etc. This is a whole new phase of transition indeed…

We have lots to share, including some thoughts on how businesses might tackle smooth running during these times. This period has been real tough for all of us. This is, indeed, a season of uncertainty. But critics are sure about one thing at least. We are going to witness a near transition. An era that is going to open up a whole new phase for mankind. The new gate of digitization is opening up the channels of businesses that are feeling the ‘locked down’ trauma. Though we are witnessing the stumbling down of all the progress attained by businesses over the decades, it is still possible for them to survive this unavoidable disruption.

From the House of LiveBox

LiveboxTM has come up with the amazing solutions that have helped global businesses to overcome many challenges and complexities. This global comprehensive approach is sure to sustain the longevity and increase the usage of resources irrespective of the prevailing quarantined atmosphere. We have formulated many well-furnished service continuity and performance-boosting plans that provide the ability to remotely manage the operations of different sectors linked by the web of our services.

Virtual Office Management

The Virtual Offices are highly productive as the Video Conferences with multiple employees have resulted in a conducive working environment though distanced. The various features that are proved to be advantageous can be listed as follows:

  • Video Conferencing

Beginning with individual communication, LiveBox renders multi-user or mass communication which is cent percent encrypted. The feature which is exclusive to the LiveBox Virtual Offices is the secure pavement which allows access to the Office Rooms only with the secure keys.  Live interactions with seamless Internet at the offsite working environment combined with the robust autoscaling and real-time monitoring with LiveBox has made the Virtual offices lively and high-yielding. Multiple Training Sessions and Educational Forums can bring the best learning outcome which is obviously pricey if it happens in a physical environment. Accesses are even cozier unless the private domains are given secure credentials by the Managing Authorities. 

  • Free APK Builder

The Android APK Generator takes up the job of generating cooler, comfortable, user-friendly and powerful android applications. The Mobile Application builder comes as an add-on benefit with LiveBox which makes it simpler to build multiple android applications with the built-in APK Generator. Build your own cozy, multi-functional, typically modern and capable Applications.

  • Website Planners

Websites speak about the real face of your business including its goals, and business deals. The dynamic growth of a business relies upon its most powerful tool of communication, i.e., Website.  A well updated and entirely functional website will result in increased credibility, and the credibility leverages business when monitoring your own competitive edge. 

  • Online Sale Stores

Products are beneficial if they procure a considerable welcomeable approach. When they are at stock for a longer period of time, the essence of it will have been lost. LiveBox has a robust set of technologies to help outbring the entrepreneurial spirit behind the development of each product and getting their best value on the market through online trades. Employing the tools and selling the products through online sale stores is the one best solution to avoid product accumulation.

  • Marketing and Branding

Strategies to effective marketing is an unbiased prerequisite and with LiveBox Marketing is not a difficult option. LiveBox is the best cost-effective solution provider for any Marketing and Branding demand. With the multiple diversifications of channels for different sectors and with the independent allotment which makes you sell channels to third-party buyers, you can become a benefiter as well as a seller of the multi-channel LiveBox. Marketing and Branding of your product with the help of LiveBox tools is the best way to boost up the outcome of your business exponentially

LiveBox facilitates the building up of more lively offices.

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