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Introducing the all-in-one Streaming Box for churches

Why should Churches go digital?

This question is irresistible. Surprisingly, the statistics report that 77% of houses of worship are live streaming events and worship services weekly. The Modern era has altered the perspectives of everyone helping them to widen their view and enabling them to look beyond the horizon. As the outbreak of the Global Emergency has forced us to get ‘locked down’ which is unusual in this era, people are finding it difficult to be at homes, not only away from the regular chores, but also from their spiritual community. Digitalization of Churchesenables them to connect with numerous communities, thereby acting as a mode for the sharing of Gospel. Not only does it serve as a means, but also digital technology has been acting as a revolutionary source for the spiritual upheaval of a multitude of youngsters and adults who look for solace at this moment of chaos.

How can a church maximize its potential to reach the masses when using Livebox?

Even at this uncertain outbreak, Team LiveboxTM has been constantly thriving to bring about solutions to every struggling field with expertise and Insight. We have a team of Tech Analysts who research and develop curious, remarkable technology that is oriented towards helping the stagnant activities of people all over the world, including Businesses, Educational platforms, Churches, Sales, etc. A good number of Churches and Ministries have been extensively benefited by our service at this critical moment. We have devised our Services understanding the requirements that would arise in the Churches for this kind of emergency. Few of our Services are listed in here.

Host multiple church websites within Livebox

66% of Churches are livestreaming worship services on their websites. Websites have become crucial for building an online presence for any domain. And for a Church, it has become essential to own a Website to build the Community worldwide and to propagate the purpose for which it is called! 

  • A Website helps the people to understand the Purpose of your establishment. It demonstrates the reason along with all the necessary details to build an intimate bond with the viewer. 
  • Sermons are not only meant for Sundays and for the people at your church. Publish your Sermons and Messages on your website so that people from all over the globe listen to the Word of God anytime.
  • Build the Community of your church globally. We help you create an Online Tour which will enable the viewers to see and feel and become one with your Church community.
  • Link your Website with your Bank accounts and so allowing the members to Donate to your church at ease.
  • We provide you the option to sell your DVDs and other products online through your website.
  • Prayer requests can be sought without having to look for the mailing option.
  • Online Bible Integration with Thematic Study guide feature would encourage the spiritual growth of the Community.
  • The most impressive feature you can add is the Updation of News and Events in your Church. LiveBox experts construct innovative ways to keep your Community updated with all the significant details.

Live Stream your sermons at ease

Live Streaming is playing the dominant part in broadcasting the Sermons on live to enable the global church members to be connected at the particular moment to listen to the Word of God and to participate in church activities at the real moment.

  • Take the message of God from your Pulpit to the homes of countless people across the globe.
  • Connect to members who are quarantinedsick or injured, old and also members who travel and would miss the participation in the faith community.
  • LiveBox provides you with the effective and essential equipment particular for your cause. We provide you with the range of gadgets both Hardware as well as Software for broadcasting, each designed for a particular purpose. 
  • Hardware required include
  1. Webcasters
  2. Encoders
  3. Streaming Server
  4. Video Receivers
  • Streaming requires a powerful Server Software like LiveBox Streaming Server which is undeniably user-friendly and cost-effective. It comes with the in-built Mixer and Playout Software to stream seamlessly without interruption.
  • A survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) says, ‘Social platforms (51%) are the most popular sources for live video streaming content’. Social Media reaches out to trillions than any other means. With the help of LiveBox you can push your live video to multiple social media destinations in real-time.

You can also record your livestream to make it available in your archives so that the sermons can be made available to the viewers anytime.

Create exclusive Mobile Applications in a flick

Mobile Applications give you an amazing platform to engage your church members. It keeps you connected on a swipe. It is a miniature version of your Church website. We build user-friendly customizable apps through which

  • Donation and Selling of DVDs and other products made easier.
  • Sermons and other church-related videos are broadcasted and downloaded conveniently.
  • Online Bible Integration with Thematic Study guide is made more accessible. 
  • Prayer requests and inquiries made gettable more conducive than ever. The members will find it a lot more comfortable than sending posts and emails.
  • With the application which has numerous notifying options, the church can make the members stay tuned for the upcoming events.

We assure you that you don’t need another hosting server when you use the exclusive higher-end versions of Livebox since they include all the features for 360-degree branding from building your own branded mobile apps to hosting your own sites.

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