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Internet TV Channel

For a professional Internet Broadcaster, the following is suggested :

  1. IVB7’s SDI video capture
  2. IVB7 Studio suite along with Playout, Mixer and Streamer
  3. An online Multi-CDN streaming plan or on-premise LiveBox.

We provide you a solution with a combination of the IVB7 Studio suite software with compatible video inputs and a solid, scalable streaming server.

Need more details and specifications about this solution?

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Multi-CDN servers

24×7 Live TV using Single or Multiple LiveBox’s with switching.Advanced Technology – Very Simple to use.

  • The server will stream on your behalf to multiple locations and you can set it up by yourself.Stream to multiple destinations like Facebook, YouTube and others even with very low bandwidth on the streaming side.
  • Stream in Multiple Bitrates or Transcode on the server
  • Stream to ALL kinds of devices like PC, Mobile,Roku,IPTV or Mac.
  • Plus, added to this, you can have a Multi-CDN setup using LiveBox.
Scheduling Software
  • Schedule your TV channel using the IVB7 Studio which is an All in One software that does streaming, playout and mixing.
  • For a TV channel, playout is all you need to completely schedule and automate your channel.
  • Playout also comes with a built-in CG and plenty of features to schedule and let it run.Call us for a free demo.
Remote Receiver & Player

Receive your live stream at any location using the live receiver device.

  • Ability to completely remotely check the status of the device.
  • Ability to perform remote internet speed test on the device
  • Auto reconnection mechanisms built in
  • Multi channel switching mechanisms to use it as a Set top box
  • Multi CDN switching to use it with multiple LiveBoxs or any streaming server.