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What is Transcoding? Why is transcoding necessary?

What happens when the video you are watching is buffering? 

If the user is unable to watch your high-quality content at its best, there is no point in streaming a video with high-resolution, isn’t it? 

Then what is the solution? 

Streaming in multiple bit rates will help avoid the condition of buffering irrespective of the Internet speed of the viewers. The method of streaming where the source content is encoded at different bit rates is known as Adaptive Bitrate streaming. 

Adaptive bitrate streaming can be done in two ways. One method is Transcoding and the other method is using Multi bitrate streaming. 

Yet, Transcoding is hassle-free and the conversion to multiple bitrates happens at the server within a fraction of seconds. 

What is Transcoding? 

Transcoding is a process of conversion of a video file from one format into another by compressing it so that the video is streamed without buffering and at high quality. This happens behind the screen to avoid buffering and to be able to view the video from any device. 

It is important not to confuse encoding with transcoding. Encoding is the process of compressing the file whereas transcoding can be termed as decoding, reformatting and re-encoding the file. 

Transcoding also aids in the adjustment of your stream to the video quality of your viewers. In a nutshell, the source format is translated into a readable format which will be recognized by the end user’s device.

Having known what Transcoding is and how it works, let us figure out why you need Transcoding in the first place.

Why is Transcoding necessary?

Transcoding ensures that your users watch the video at the best quality possible. 

Will the absence of using a non-transcoding server affect the video experience? Definitely, it will. 

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You might stream a high-quality, probably a 4K quality video that is shot with a high-resolution camera. But your viewers might not have the best Internet to view the video at its best quality. 

Here is why you need Transcoding. Transcoding adjusts your video to be received based on the Internet connectivity and makes it flow incessantly without hampering it. 

Transcoding helps in watching your videos at the best quality irrespective of the devices your audience uses. Let us take an example. Arya uses his Laptop to watch your video. His friend uses a desktop to watch your video from another place. Arya’s sister watches your video using her mobile phone. Transcoding makes sure that all the three individuals who are at different places using different devices watch your video without experiencing buffering and at the best quality. 

Your viewers may be from any part of the world. But you have to make sure that every user watches your video at the premium quality with which you broadcast. And that is why you need a transcoding server.

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