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What equipment do I need to livestream a church service?

church live streaming

After witnessing the recent days’ scenarios, you will probably never question, “Why live stream a church service?” Live streaming has aided churches, schools, and businesses to survive during the locked-down situations to reach out to the target audience using the safest and cheapest means. 

Churches’ need for live streaming

Online Churches are becoming more and more popular day by day. Though the trend is not new to the world, it gained popularity during the pandemic when every human is forced to sit at home. It was for this reason that many churches tried to reach their congregation right through smart devices.

Though the situation gets reversed, the trend will predominantly be adopted by churches to prepare for impending lockdown scenarios. Unquestionably, this is the need for time. 

What are the minimum requirements for live streaming?

Having understood the necessity to live stream a church service, it is the next big step to understand the minimum requirements for live streaming. 

Here is the checklist of the necessities to go live:

  1. Camera with Audio Inputs
  2. Internet
  3. Live streaming equipment

Let us probe deeper.

Camera with Audio Inputs

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The cheapest live streaming option is to use the Camera of your Mobile Phone. However, the quality cannot be uncompromised while streaming a content of high importance. So it is wise to choose a budget-friendly Camera that supports 4K resolution. Using a mid-range mike to take the audio inputs is necessary as video and audio quality goes together. 


Seamless Internet renders quality output. Live streaming requires a good Internet bandwidth. Instanet series Internet Generators provide reliable Internet output irrespective of the location. This Internet Bonding equipment combines the Internet output of 2 to 4 SIM cards and generates a broad pipeline of the Internet which can be used for spontaneous live streaming or any other purposes.

Instanet can be carried around anywhere and get good Internet Bandwidth. Instanet comes with 3 affordable variants giving you the choice to pick which works best for you. 

Live Streaming Equipment

You can go wireless with the portable encoder, Instacast, which comes with two variants, Plus and Pro. Plus is suitable for low Internet bandwidth situations and Pro, as the name suggests, streams high-resolution videos and requires a good Internet connection. Instacast is ideal for both indoor and outdoor streaming.

The equipment is handy and comes with a functional 3.2” built-in touch screen display which lets you operate the equipment at ease. The equipment can also be operated remotely. It can be fitted over the camera using the horseshoe attached to it. Instacast is compatible with any streaming server. Stream your services just by fitting this equipment over your camera. It comes with a built-in battery and also supports external power supply. 

If you use a Laptop to stream your services, try using Instacap which comes in multiple variants with different ports that would support any kind of video inputs.

This rugged and highly portable Video Capture and Signal Converter equipment transfers High-Quality Video as well as Audio Signal onto your Laptop in real-time. It also provides the Snapshot functionality and supports controlling the Color Element Adjustment.

They also come with built-in USB Booster, Audio Controller knob and Professional Mic inputs. You can purchase your Instacap by visiting our Products Page

As you are all set to go live, you will need a Streaming Server like Livebox to push your videos simultaneously to multiple social networks. Livebox lets you create your own Websites and Mobile Applications to stream your video content anytime. Sign up for a live streaming plan and reap the benefits of staying connected with your members and growing together as a congregation!

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