The real difference between H.264 and H.265


Differences between HEVC (H.265) and AVC (H.264) Introduction AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265) are both industry standards for video compression that are used for the recording, compression, and distribution of digital videos. AVC stands for Advanced Video Coding while HEVC stands for High-Efficiency Video Coding. As the numbers suggest, H.264 is the older version of […]

How does latency affect streaming? What is Low Latency Streaming?

Low latency streaming

Get to know your Livebox better! To understand latency, let us explore two different case scenarios.  Case 1: Imagine interviewing an important celebrity or a business icon. If you raise a question, you will expect your question to be answered within a few seconds. But what if the question takes time to reach the other […]

What equipment do I need to livestream a church service?

church live streaming

After witnessing the recent days’ scenarios, you will probably never question, “Why live stream a church service?” Live streaming has aided churches, schools, and businesses to survive during the locked-down situations to reach out to the target audience using the safest and cheapest means.  Churches’ need for live streaming Online Churches are becoming more and […]

What is Transcoding? Why is transcoding necessary?

What happens when the video you are watching is buffering?  If the user is unable to watch your high-quality content at its best, there is no point in streaming a video with high-resolution, isn’t it?  Then what is the solution?  Streaming in multiple bit rates will help avoid the condition of buffering irrespective of the […]

5 amazing facts about SRT streaming

The streaming world is beaming with the news about the invasion of SRT.  And to spice it up, this article would introduce you to a few amazing facts about SRT streaming and how it works! Before diving into the facts it is important to know about SRT.  What is SRT? How does it work? You […]

Livebox joins SRT Alliance


We are happy to announce that Livebox is now a part of the SRT Alliance!  SRT Alliance is an initiative by Haivision to overcome the challenges of low latency streaming and packet loss.  Know more about SRT streaming here. Why SRT? SRT (Secure Reliable Transfer) protocol, which is an open-source video streaming protocol, is highly […]

What does Livebox offer for you in 2021? – Revealed

Livebox gets upgraded!  Unveil the latest features that are incorporated in your Livebox toolkit, for the year 2021. And explore a million ways through which you can expand and enlarge your business collaborations.  Here is a glimpse of the latest updates from the labs of Livebox. Livebox now supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocols. Stream […]