Live Radio Station

Host your own Radio station with LiveBox  It is possible to start up your own web-based radio station effortlessly. LiveboxTM is a complete user-friendly platform that allows you to carry out your task at the click of a button. Live Radio, from the house of LiveBox, is an all-in-one web radio management suite. Livestream your audio without any […]

Introducing Auto Scalable Multi-Bridging for Video Conferencing

To make scaling the Video Conferencing participants simple, LiveboxTM has brought up an excellent technology, thus making the solution entirely manageable and flexible. LiveBox Video Bridges LiveBox Video Conferencing Solution has innovated a ground-breaking technology called ASMB (Auto Scalable Multi Bridging).  It is possible to instantly increase the number of Video Bridges in real-time which, in turn, enables smooth real-time audio and visual interactions at scale.  […]

Stream to millions of simultaneous viewers with Autoscaler

The need to broadcast an influential video that has to be watched simultaneously by a huge number of audiences grows rapidly. This piece of work will answer some of the main concerns about streaming a live video to a growing number of simultaneous viewers. Few of the unanswered questions include Is there a way to […]

How can you integrate Video Conferencing into existing Applications?

An invitation from the House of Developers to budding Developers Seamless engagement using digital communication in the already-stunned environment is very vital for the growth of the ecosystem. Video Conferencing has been the boon that every sector is intrigued about. Over the past few days, we have received many requests regarding Video Conferencing SDKs. On […]

LiveBox at the vanguard of digitization of Healthcare Industry

The CoVid-19 trend has already influenced the global people with its pangs of fear for social collaboration. With the new-bound digital transformation of the Healthcare industry, new gates for digital assistance have been opened wide for the commoners to get timely help while going out to meet a physician in person would be a real challenge. […]

LiveBox: Engineering for Optimization of Video Conferencing Technology

Time Management is the magic potion for the success of any business. While communicating via online portals, it becomes dubious to arrange things on time and organize highly confidential get-togethers. But LiveboxTM has come up with fully-secured, amazing solutions to all the issues faced by the sectors that rely on online communication. The Video Conferencing Server Solution […]

How can Training Institutes cope with during this ‘lockdown’ season?

As the quarantine has hit almost all the sectors, it has also hit the platform of Learning very hard. Students are forced to stay at homes and exams are canceled or postponed. While the whole of the learning and educating sector is overwhelmed with the inefficacy associated with the online platform, LiveboxTM has pioneered in catering to […]

The all-in-one IVB7 LiveBox Video Conferencing Application

The IVB7 Livebox Video Conferencing software enables the users to have a professional Quality Live experience that brings your Office rooms and Classrooms to your homes. The multiple features that are available will ease any work. Stop sending countless emails, waiting for replies, and save time and increase productivity with the stunning features of this application. Features include: […]

How to effectively utilize the Video Conferencing tool within LiveBox?

Video Conferencing is a highly desired tool as it retains the dependency of every business sector. On-screen presence is the best way of interaction which will save half of the time spent on airport lines. Already multitudes have been after technological solutions to make their business to get going. On the other hand, LiveboxTM has been at […]