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Easily Add Real Virtual Viewers to Your Live Streaming Channel.

Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos!

LiveboxTM incorporates Artificial Intelligence to boost and promote your live channel.

Things that were totally unimaginable and impossible until now have been made possible with Livebox.

Livebox now includes a tool called Viewer Generator that can intelligently enable adding virtual live viewers to any live channel.

The viewer generator simulates real viewers using virtual browsers that view the live event constantly while taking snapshots at regular intervals to show you what each of the virtual viewer agents is watching.

This tool can be used for simulation, load testing and this even benefits digital marketing and SEO.

Channels that have lower exposure or no viewership can get a kickstart through this feature to be put in front of audiences who can then share it in their social circles which has a possibility to cause explosive and exponential growth.

How can the Viewer Generator benefit live stream load testing?

Conduct real-life viewer simulation on any live video stream, unlike traditional load testing tools. In the case of the Livebox Viewer generator, it can literally open multiple browsers from a variety of virtual locations to watch your live stream. The load testing and simulation is guaranteed in this method of load testing unlike sending a huge number of HTTP hits to an HLS, RTMP or HTTP server. This can benefit people who need to stress test or add load to an existing live streaming solution. However, a number of powerful servers may be required to simulate a larger number of viewers.

How can this component popularize lesser known channels?

To increase viewership, the viewer maker sets a number of viewers from around the globe to watch the live channel constantly for a set number of hours before clearing and creating a fresh set of viewers. The VG simulation is very realistic using Artificial Intelligence to imitate real viewers.
Achieve Recognition and Elevate your reputation on multiple social media outlets.

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