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Exciting updates on the Livebox API and developer SDKs

The newest LiveboxTM release has a lot of new features that can be used by developers to integrate video conferencing and live streaming into any existing web application, windows application, or mobile application. Livebox comes with Users, Roles, and the ability to allocate granular permissions to every API function. See the API page at to learn more about the Livebox APIs for developers. There is documentation and example code available for developers to integrate Livebox using any programming platform. Livebox is the only live streaming and conferencing platform that provides telephonic and remote support for developers. 

Leading-Edge Technology

Video Call

Livebox Video conferencing solution is built with solid, reliable technology and comes with amazing features including Scheduling meetings, Screen-sharing, Bandwidth monitoring, Instant Interactive chat, Real-time Broadcasting, Unlimited Webinars, in-built office Management tools,  Ability to create multiple Users with specific Roles, Feature access Restriction, Settings to control the quality of the video, Joining the conference via Phone Call, Waiting Room Customization, White-labelled Conferencing, Scaling with multiple Video Bridges for uninterrupted connectivity and the growing number of audiences, Seamless Streaming, 24*7 Technical Support, and much more. 

Huge Technology yet Easier Integration

Be it a Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) or Human Resources Management Software (HRM) or a Project Management Software or just a Client’s Website, the solution can be integrated with any existing software or application.

Integrating Video Conferencing has been made easier than ever. 

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