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How can Training Institutes cope with during this ‘lockdown’ season?

As the quarantine has hit almost all the sectors, it has also hit the platform of Learning very hard. Students are forced to stay at homes and exams are canceled or postponed. While the whole of the learning and educating sector is overwhelmed with the inefficacy associated with the online platform, LiveboxTM has pioneered in catering to the needs that would arise. 


with LiveBox
  • Webinars– Training Institutes and Educationists can conduct Webinars engaging all the learners at the same time. Written scripts and books may be diverting the purpose and so  Live Webinars are the most effective tool to have live online classes 
  • Virtual  Classrooms– Virtual Writing board, Virtual background with real-time live classroom interactions makes the students have an actual classroom experience – when learning from home.
  • Video Conferences– Instead of sending and receiving emails that are inconsistent, Video Conferencing enables the students to engage in face-to-face conversations with the teachers which will result in productive learning.
  • Whiteboards– The White Boards are the most effective tool when it comes to learning. Using the WhiteBoards and sharing the screen with the students will bring the classroom set up to any place.
  • Spreadsheets & in-built Charts– The Online Spreadsheets and the online charts are highly beneficial to share the records and statistics. This will result in improved clarity and a greater understanding of the learners.
  • Livebox TV– Create any number of  Educational Private channels and enable more number of students to watch your channels by charging on a subscription basis.
  • Websites– Create your own websites and provide regular updates, linking your videos in the all-inclusive platform.
  • Video-on-demand-Store all live Videos privately and provide as Video-on-demand so that new students pay and watch the videos and the regular students can also watch the videos after class time.
  • Promotion– LiveBox pushes the clipping of videos to multiple social media destinations in real-time to provide awareness for the new students.

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