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Next-gen Telemedicine & Mobile Clinics through LiveBox Video Conferencing solution

The situations change as well as lifestyle changes. To cope up with any kind of situation, every field is searching for a permanent solution to keep life running. The Profession, highly revered is Medicine. As the world has seen some unexpected boom in the way of living, all the sectors are going online, which is the most reliable solution, comparatively. But the plight of the patients is very hard if they lose contact with their physicians. So LiveboxTM has come up with the curious technology to create a 100% reliable, effective, any-time available Mobile Clinics to ease out the pressure on the doctors to balance the situation.

Patients can use the Livebox app provided by the hospital to their patients to have live video conferencing any time with the doctor.

Mobile Clinics

Physical Clinics are shut to avoid issues in the current scenario. But the suffering patients can be easily connected with the doctors through Virtual Mobile Clinics. Instead of a physical clinic, doctors can create Mobile clinics through the LiveBox Video Conferencing Solution. This truly is a next-gen technology to quick, effective, instant consultation to the patients.

Appointments & E-Prescription

Scheduling appointments is made more comfortable. The E-prescription is a highly beneficial tool that can be taken out as a hard copy or it can be sent to the Online Medical stores as a soft copy. 

Online Training & Meetings

It is also possible to have an online conference with experts in the respective fields and discuss a particular issue. With the help of the LiveBox Software, doctors can live stream their Video Conference to multiple social media platforms. Training sessions can also be conducted for junior doctors and trainees.

This revolutionary technology is available free of cost for a limited time. 

The software can be integrated into your existing application. We also provide mobile apps that can be customized with our Video Conferencing Software.

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