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How do existing customers use IVB7 products?

Did you know that there are so many businesses thriving on IVB7’s Livebox and other encoding products today?

Live Streaming has never been easier and with the rapid pace at which technology is being developed, there are numerous solutions for LIve Streaming that are already available however, there are none that come close to the features and pricing that the IVB7 products offer.

Livebox live streaming server has made cutting edge cloud encoding and streaming available at a low cost to everyone to be able to stream live quickly and easily. The new Livebox Streaming Server includes H.264,H.265, WebRTC, transcoding and much more within a single box.

We invite you to be a part of using this technology to improve your business and make history of being a part of a group of technologists and revolutionists dedicated to impacting the world through cutting edge technology in video streaming.

Let me tell you about how our existing clients use IVB7 products today.

Churches  use IVB7 equipments such as the IVB7 LIve pack to broadcast their events Live from whereever they are without hassles since they get the power of a whole operating system in a box with everything setup and ready to use. It’s portable and can be carried anywhere.

Videographers use our products to go live from anywhere and live webcast the events of their customers.

Hospitals use IVB7 products to live stream their surgery and events in realtime. Livebox live streaming server has also been integrated with serveral other medical equipments to enable live broadcasting.

There are many more business verticals that use the IVB7 product suite. Contact us to know more. Our numbers are +91-9789-9789-81,+91-9789-9789-55

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