Lowest priced IVB7 servers – totally unbeatable - IVB7

Lowest priced IVB7 servers – totally unbeatable

Launching Internet Satellite TV Station

The IVB7 Internet satellite TV station is the fastest possible way for you to become popular all over the internet through live video streaming at unbeatably low pricing.

The fastest way to get famous

Rs. 799 only for MULTIPLE web TV channels


Just a little more additional cost to Transcode to UNLIMITED YouTube,Facebook accounts

Launch your own Internet Satellite TV Station and host HUNDREDs of TV channels at an Amazingly Super LOW Price.

Yes, now, you can stream Multiple TV channels live 24/7 to UNLIMITED online sites starting from Rs.799 / month/

Be simultaneously LIVE on multiple accounts in every Live Streaming platform

The IVB7 Playout and Mixer is included at no additional cost. It would be ridiculous to miss such an offer that is available only with IVB7. Now it is not necessary to spend several thousands or lakhs on playout and mixing hardware or software. It comes along at no additional cost with the Livebox server.

Other features

Free Android HD Encoder App for LiveBox Included!

Works with OBSStudio , WIrecast,XSplit,VMix, Flash Media Live Encoder or ANY software.

Unlimited Bandwidth. No charges for bandwidth.

Fully Interchangeable and Customizable players.

Instantly switch between JWPlayer,Flowplayer, Clappr,Mediaelementjs,Plyr,etc.

Are you a web developer or reseller? REBRAND LiveBox Server in your own brand name. Optional API for integration along with ready made streaming system.

Visit ivb7.com or livebox.co.in


Explore the whole new phase of the joy of new learning with LiveBox. To establish your Online Academy, feel free to give as a call.


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