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Live feed from an IP Camera to the Livebox server

IVB7 LiveboxTM makes it very simple to stream directly from an IP Camera’s into Livebox live media streaming server. Livebox automatically transcodes from your source to any destination like another live RTMP streaming server or into Livebox live media server itself as an ingest. Once it is transcoded, you can then directly re-stream the live feed from your IP Camera into any website or social network or even directly into digital IPTV Set Top Boxes. Imagine sending live CCTV, DVR or IP camera footages directly into your TV channel. It has never been easier to integrate this way quickly and instantly before.

The IVB7 Livebox streaming server will be very light on the server and thus it will help you run multiple CCTV or IP Camera streams at once. If you are not sure about the model of your DVR, NVR, CCTV or IP Camera, contact one of the IVB7 specialists at 9789978955 and we would love to work with you, guide you, assist you and help you fulfill the needs of the conversion your surveillance system.

The IVB7 Livebox system supports PTZ ie Pan Tilt Zoon cameras, 360 degree cameras or any other type of single channel or multi channel HD, SD, wired or wireless surveillance systems.

Once the feed is ingested into Livebox, there are no limits to the possibilities and what you can do. The cameras can then be linked to another live channel or anywhere.

We provide you complete support to setup to take you step by step through the process. Our technical evangelists will assist you and help you as you begin.

To send the live surveillance or IP camera ingest into IVB7 Livebox live streaming server, you do not need any additional equipment or encoder. Livebox is capable of ingesting high quality video streams directly from any digital surveillance system, The best part is that you will be able to achieve this using a fraction of the cost it would take to do it with any other live media streaming server.

Livebox also integrates with the IP Camera and Surveillance systems that you can on-premise to an on-premise server or to a cloud based Livebox server. The options and ways you can achieve this setup is many.To know more, call us at 9789978955. If you don’t have your own livebox live streaming server yet, it only takes minutes to get started,up and running. DIgitize your surveillance systems with live box streaming server.

The IVB7 Team.

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