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Live video mixer with Livebox

Let’s have a look at all that we can do using the IVB7 Live mixer in combination with the other IVB7 products like the IVB7 Livebox. Live streaming can be made so professional and easy with the use of the all new IVB7 live mixing software.

IVB7 Mixer enables you to mix from a variety of input sources such as video cameras, other video devices or files.

  1. Add videos from multiple sources
    1. Video Input sources (Professional Cameras, DVD players, etc)
    2. Live Screen Capture
    3. Playlists
    4. Files
    5. Images
    6. Internet Video sources (RTMP / RTSP / YouTube)
  2. Live preview video content in thumbnails and switch on the fly
  3. Capture snapshots of the video output at any point
  4. Transitions
    1. Apply transitions between switching video sources
    2. Several built-in transitions including fade, wiipe, dissolve, etc
    3. Built-in Transition-bar to control transitions in fast or slow motion
    4. Ability to set the transition timer to control the transition timing
  5. Mixer Output
    1. Save the live mix output to a file
    2. Save the live mix directly to the cloud
    3. Stream mixed output online to a website
    4. Output mixed content to a Video output device such as Decklink
    5. Output the mixed content to an extended monitor (to use as an alternative to an expensive video output device)
    6. Output mixer to a live RTMP / RTSP / HTTP stream
    7. Output live mix directly to YouTube Live
  6. Picture In Picture
    1. Ability to display PIP (Picture in Picture)
    2. Ability to insert multiple videos as Picture In Picture and group them as PIP groups
    3. Mix between PIP and other sources
  7. Audio Mixing
    1. Audio level adjustment for each video source
    2. Audio delay adjustment to fix audio synchronization issues on source videos
    3. Multi Channel Audio Mixing
    4. Mix different audio channels for any sources (Live, File, Screen Capture, Playlists, Images or Internet sources)
    5. Use alternative audio streams for any video stream
    6. Ability to play continuous audio from a master audio source while mixing videos
  8. Character Generator
    1. Ability to create scrolling texts, lower thirds and animations
    2. Overlay images or other videos

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