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LiveBox at the vanguard of digitization of Healthcare Industry

The CoVid-19 trend has already influenced the global people with its pangs of fear for social collaboration. With the new-bound digital transformation of the Healthcare industry, new gates for digital assistance have been opened wide for the commoners to get timely help while going out to meet a physician in person would be a real challenge. And what we contribute to this new phase, as pioneers in the digital trendsetting community is the crux here.

LiveBox for Telehealth & Telemedicine

Reaching out to doctors through a mobile phone doesn’t always serve the complete purpose. There might be patients who need to be administered face to face but not everyone could possibly get the opportunity. Thus, the video-enabled telehealth inclinations are needed to serve a crucial societal purpose. They aid in getting us accustomed to the new normal. LiveboxTM has pioneered in demonstrating how the combination of digital aids as Streaming and Conferencing, would turn out to be the best in catering to the needs of the Healthcare Industry. 

Mobile Clinics serving convenient consultation

Instead of a physical clinic, doctors can effortlessly create Virtual clinics through the Livebox Video Conferencing Solution, which absolutely is a next-gen technology to smart, efficient, instant consultation with the patients. Virtual doctor visits have already facilitated the transition from traditional healthcare assistance advancing into a new era of virtual healthcare assistance.

With the software, Doctors can schedule their appointments with the patients and set up reminders for online consultation. This will sequentially save a lot of time and risks. Patients who have contagious diseases can be monitored through Video Conferencing and the weak and old patients can save their transportational inconveniences. As it is unwise to treat patients with severe skin conditions and symptoms through Voice Calls, doctors can inspect the severity of the ailment and prescribe medications as e-prescriptions at the same moment with the in-built Whiteboard. The E-prescription can be downloaded as JSON/PNG format and it can be shared with the online pharma stores. Patients can upload their medical reports or scan images to the Whiteboard which in turn will save time for the doctors to get it sent via email.

Medical Counselors can be greatly benefitted by the software as it renders them the opportunity to provide adequate counseling to the patients. Hospitals can also organize multi-national conferences among various specialists to discuss an issue or an important cause. 

Instant Streaming & Live Monitoring

Livestreaming critical surgeries and collaborating with global surgeons can be done with Livebox. The videos can also be distributed over multiple social media platforms or they can be live-streamed to the network of computers in the hospitals. It will also prove beneficial to invite all the doctors to observe the surgeries at a particular moment. What more is needed!

Networking the existing patient Monitors with the Server will greatly serve in complete and perfect monitoring of the biological changes undergone by the patient in real-time. The monitoring of such cases of serious complications can also be live-streamed and remotely recorded. 

This new-gen application would insurmountably result in more compelling training sessions for the Junior Doctors or trainees. The digital transmission of medical imaging, remote medical diagnosis, and evaluations, and video consultations with specialists are some of the arenas where the Server has found its advantages. Modernizing the way of Medical examination has already brought a leaf of hope and we strive our might to make it simpler and better for you!

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