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Stream to millions of simultaneous viewers with Autoscaler

The need to broadcast an influential video that has to be watched simultaneously by a huge number of audiences grows rapidly. This piece of work will answer some of the main concerns about streaming a live video to a growing number of simultaneous viewers.

Few of the unanswered questions include

  • Is there a way to broadcast my video to millions of viewers who can watch at the same moment?
  • What would be the best cost-effective method to accomplish my goal?
  • Should I pay for many CDNs to accomplish my purpose?
  • Is it possible to know the number of concurrent viewers?
  • Which is the best way to establish uninterrupted streaming as my broadcast is highly important?

The way it works…

 LiveboxTM makes the impossible possible by implementing the possibility of broadcasting to millions of viewers who rush in at the very moment simultaneously without the slightest rift. CDNs are expensive, but it is possible to own your CDN with LiveBox. LiveBox as a unified portal acts as a single server, and at the same time, it also has a number of servers entwined with it. A server is capable of streaming to a particular crowd based on the processor capacity. If a broadcast is unexpectedly click opened by millions of viewers simultaneously, adding load to the overall capacity of a server will result in frequent

LiveBox, with the multitude of servers all over the globe, accomplishes the task in real-time with no fuss.

Scaling done by Autoscaler

The Autoscaler feature of LiveBox, when the need arises or when the number of viewers multiple in no time, enables the Server to scale out to the other LiveBox Servers over the globe to achieve uninterrupted streaming, thus making it possible to live stream simultaneously without a moment’s breach.

High-Quality Video transmission with the Transcoding facility will ensure the best streaming output. LiveBox also enables the Streamer to know the exact number of viewers on the stylish User Interface. Scaling the number of viewers made easy in a flip with LiveBox. This Networking of multiple CDNs has undeniably cut the cost into half. One among our proud clientele, the Government of Andhra Pradesh had been greatly benefitted by this automatic scaling of multiple Servers of LiveBox.  

Live streaming broadcasts are already positioned to grow 15 times from 2017 to 2022. The need to pull the attention of the online audience is rapidly increasing. Get on board with our well-equipped technology to suit the modern trend. Scale your audience and reach out to numerous with LiveBox which provides low latency delivery.

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