Unifying Phoneline with Video Conferencing Software

This month LiveboxTM is introducing a brand-new feature that enables users to join a Video Conference without any Internet connection. This is done by a phone call. Livebox Video Conference is ready to be integrated with Phone line which will allow users without data or smart gadgets to join the Conference by just making a phone call. Data […]

How can Training Institutes cope with during this ‘lockdown’ season?

As the quarantine has hit almost all the sectors, it has also hit the platform of Learning very hard. Students are forced to stay at homes and exams are canceled or postponed. While the whole of the learning and educating sector is overwhelmed with the inefficacy associated with the online platform, LiveboxTM has pioneered in catering to […]

2019 News About the Livebox App Store, Live Load Testing and More

Introducing the All-New Livebox App Store. Now, it is possible to browse server apps within LiveboxTM and install corporate business applications on demand.All these apps have been tested and configured for production use so that Livebox users don’t have to worry about the technical details when it comes to installing and using different complex server-based business applications. […]