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Introducing websites inside Livebox

Can a live video streaming server host business sites? No,Not until now

People have wanted something more than live video streaming to promote and market their brands. LiveboxTM is the answer to our customer’s needs to quickly build brands online. Livebox enables you to not only start a 24×7 live streaming video channel but it also helps you promote and build your brand using multiple social platforms and reach multitudes of people at once by combining the power of video and social media through a single platform.

How do you propagate a brand using the dedicated Livebox Video Streaming server?

A new groundbreaking feature has been introduced inside Livebox for marketing and promoting businesses, Until now, the Livebox live streaming server was solely focused on live video streaming. However, in the last few days, a lot of major changes have been added into Livebox that take the box to a different level, ie to even provide business services inside it.

Using Livebox, you will soon be able to host and manage multiple secure websites, content portals and so much more. To have your own live video portal, the Livebox websites provide several options apart from using the in-built IPTV portal.

Secure each website inside Livebox easily using purchased SSL certificates or the free Let’s encrypt SSL certificate.

A file manager has been added to provide the ability to easily and quickly copy files to/from websites inside Livebox. Restart websites within a click. Edit common configuration files such as php.ini and nginx.conf without a sweat through the admin panel.

And more than all of these, the best part is that the Livebox sites are pre-secured based on known security attacks and SEO optimized so that customers can focus on their business while Livebox automates the whole hosting and online marketing process.

If you have never used Livebox, it is time to invest in it now to start a serious business using the Internet. Livebox is your dedicated video streaming and video marketing infrastructure in a box. Several companies and governments trust Livebox to not only run their live TV channels but also promote and market their brands using their dedicated infrastructure that is built using Livebox. Have a look at and signup if you have never used Livebox before.

The new Livebox will be shipped and ready to use by the coming new year. Share us your thoughts and have a wonderful live streaming Christmas

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