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Features of the new Livebox Streaming Server

Learn about the newest features of the Livebox streaming server.

Livebox is the cheapest streaming server out there with many extras attached to it when you buy’s also the only streaming server with most features and additional software to run the whole channel as standard.

Livebox server comes with free streaming software, playout software and mixing software that is suitable for any kind of video streaming.

It allows streaming Live video in SD, HD, 4K and even in 360 degree for virtual reality experiences. Let’s walk through some of the features here today.

Unlimited Live channels

Livebox server allows you to create unlimited live TV channels, encode on the server and even transcode directly on the server. It is also possible to use external hardware and software encoders to send inputs from other hardware based capture cards and media sources.

Multi encoder inputs

Livebox supports most popular encoders such as VMIX, Wirecast, OBSStudio, FMLE or any hardware encoders.

Automatic Live Transcoding

With this feature, you can transcode to multiple formats on the fly and serve content based on adaptive bitrates so that viewers will be served content at very high or slightly reduced bitrates and resolutions depending on the capability of their internet connections.

Live Recording

Record live content as you stream live and replay it instantly. Live video is stored inside the server where Livebox is installed. Convert the stored files to multiple formats easily.

Integrate with CCTV or IP Cameras

Easily integrate your existing CCTV, DVR, NVR or IP Cameras with Livebox server.Since protocols like RTSP, RTMP, HTTP and more are supported for ingestion, you can integrate it with almost any other device.

Live stream to multiple social networks

You can stream to multiple Facebook, YouTube and Periscope accounts easily and quickly with livebox. This saves your bandwidth when you stream from your mobile phone or from a low internet location.

Developer API

Livebox also comes with developer API incase you need to customize or integrate your applications.


Livebox server can be completely whitelabeled and used for your business or  the service can be completely whitelabeled by resellers.

Video Conferencing

The latest livebox supports split second latency streaming which allows video conferencing and even integration with Skype.

IPTV Management

With the new LIvebox live media streaming server, you also get to manage all your IPTV channels in once place. You can add channels, manage user subscriptions, accept payments through the integrated payment gateway, whielabel it and run your video subscription service easily.

In-built website

One more cool thing about livebox is that although it is primarily focused on video streaming, one livebox server is sufficient to run your streaming server and even host your website inside it. That’s right, you heard me right, you can have your own website also hosted within the same Livebox. Isn’t that awesome? Save a lot of money and achieve a lot more.

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